A Taste of Olive… Olive YOU!

Apparently, this has been the year of overcoming my food fears. If you’ve read the story about me overcoming my fear of tomatoes, you’ll now really think that I don’t eat anything… but I actually do I swear! The only other food besides tomatoes and brussles sprouts that I didn’t eat until recently (I now eat them all fyi!) is the OLIVE.

My Dad always tried to convince me to eat them, enticing me with stories of their saltiness, thinking that would spark some interest… but I wanted nothing to do with them. They were just one more item to pick off of my house salad when I went out to eat. It wasn’t until I met Dave that I was inspired to try these little green and red guys. Dave had a habit of eating Manzanilla Olives out of the jar while we cooked dinner, which obviously irritated me… since I didn’t like them! One day I decided I was going to force myself to like them. Crazy, right? Every day for about a week after that, I ate one olive out of the jar, made a disgusting face, chugged some water and regretted this decision- anyone that knows me would think this description is of me drinking alcohol… but that’s another story. Sure enough, as the week progressed, I stopped making the face, and maybe even had TWO olives at a time. It worked! I started to enjoy them, and of course now I LOVE them!

The only bad news about this discovery, for anyone that knows me (especially Dave) … is that I am now convinced that anyone can get over their food fears and convince their minds to try and like new things. What are your food fears? I’m calling Dave out on his, as I’m completely determined to get him over at least 2 of them: MUSHROOMS, SHRIMP, and HAM! Yum, right?

I’m glad my hatred of olives has been overcome, as today Dave and I stumbled upon an unbelievable store called… you guessed it… A Taste of Olive. The store sells different types of Olive Oils and Vinegars from around the world. They are displayed and stored in fustis– big metal vats with little spouts attached… and the best part is that you’re encouraged to TASTE as many as you’d like! We must have taste-tested at least 20 different kinds. They had flavored olive oil, flavored balsamic vinegars and white balsamic… truffle oil, chili oil, and even avocado oil (im going back to buy that one!). You had to have seen me, I was a kid in a candy shop. It was so fun, and you will soon learn to expect… it took me FOREVER to decide on which to buy!

We ended up buying three small bottles for $32 which wasn’t too bad. I cannot wait to use them at home! Here are the lucky winners:

Castello Monte Vibiano-Umbria (from Perugia, Italy): Our unflavored EVOO

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar (from Modena, Italy): Sweet and tangy, so yummy.

Serrano Chili Honey Vinegar (from the Pacific Northwest): Hot and sweet and sour all at the same time! MMM!

I will keep you posted when I get to try them all out! I’m feelin’ a big salad (plus some toms and olives, duh) with some homemade dressing comin up! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and enjoying this beautiful wintery weather on the east coast.

8 thoughts on “A Taste of Olive… Olive YOU!

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  5. Which one did you go to!? There’s one right by me in Haddonfield!! I have the strawberry balsamic, it is really good on salads with strawberries, mozzarella, sunflower seeds and arugula!

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