Dallas, TX

For anyone who doesn’t feel like reading all the details about my trip to Texas… here is Dave’s mocking synopsis for you:  “I went to Dallas, wore cute dresses, ate steak, and had boys buy me drinks.”  Well said, my friend!

Kat and I in Israel

This November, I made a trip out to Dallas, TX.  This was the first trip I ever took on my own, and I was SO EXCITED.  I was taking the trip to visit one of my best friends, Katerina.  I met Kat on my Israel trip back in March, where we became inseparable from the first hour in the Philadelphia airport… and have been ever since!  Kat came to visit me for my birthday in June, so it was now my turn to go down to Texas.

Lane's Dog, Bear!

Kat and her family live in a beautiful house in Plano, which is about 20 miles north of Dallas.  Her boyfriend Lane and his cute doggie Bear also live in Plano.  I arrived at the Dallas airport at 9:30pm on Thursday night, which in Kat’s world was the perfect time to go out for a delicious sushi feast at Naan Sushi in Plano.  The highlight of the meal was the Ahi Tuna Tower.  It’s like a giant spicy tuna roll + avocado + crab all stacked in a tower, which is then smushed all together for you on your plate.  It was soooo yummy!

Kat and I spent Friday together after she was done work, and got a mani-pedi which was a perfect start for our Girls Night Out!   So what better plan could we have than to eat some steak and go dancing?  These two activities don’t normally coincide for me, but hey, I’m in Texas!  We had to go big.  Going big is an understatement at Nick & Sam’s, the upscale uptown steakhouse Kat made our reservations with.  We arrived a half hour early and decided to visit the bar.  We charmed our way into getting an older Mexican man to buy us our drinks.  We started talking to him and his other gentlemen friends when Kat turned and looked at me, her eyes open wide and a big grin on her face.  She whispered to me, “Oh my god, Beth… that guy used to be a Dallas Mav’s player!!!”  Kat was right, we were enjoying the company of Eduardo Najera .  How cool.

Kat & Eduardo

We had to say goodbye to Eduardo Najera and his friends when our table was ready.  We were walked to our table… in the main room which Kat explained was a “big deal”.  The service at this restaurant was unlike any I have had in my life!  We were treated like queens.  Our server explained the menu and then brought over the presentation of raw meat- huge steaks and king crab legs the size of my entire arm… I was impressed!  After listening to his spiel, Kat immediately pointed at the mammoth Bone-In Ribeye for two.  WOW.  I was so shocked that such a little girl would order such a big steak, but  SO excited.  We also ordered the Crab Cocktail appetizer and I had to try their famous Caesar Salad on the side.

While we were waiting for our apps, owner of the restaurant came over to our table to apologize for the wait and to present us with two champagne flutes!  Then  crab cocktail arrived, which was served over a glass of dry ice.

Crab Cocktail

It was so pretty with the white smoke flowing over the sides.  The hunks of crabmeat were huge, so juicy and delicious.  A Creole Cream Sauce & a Bloody Mary Sauce surrounded the dish… they both worked perfectly with the crabmeat, but I really enjoyed the Bloody Mary Sauce.  Their Caesar was creamy which I never would have ordered but it was such a great treat.  It even came with anchovies on top.  After we were done with our appetizers, the server came back to clear our table.  He asked if we were enjoying our meals so far, and Kat answered with a big happy “compliments to the chef!”

Soon enough, the server came back to us with a small plate of caviar with all the fixins.  “Our chef is proud of everything he puts out and appreciates your compliment… this is on the house.”  We were both so shocked we couldn’t stop laughing.  Why were we getting all this free stuff?  No need to ask the question, we just dug in and I tried caviar for the first time… MMM!

Our Complimentary Caviar Plate

Our beautiful steak!!

Before we knew it, our steak was at our table.  The ribeye was served with a side of garlic sautéed spinach, a pile of caramelized onions, and two dollops of truffle butter sat melting ontop.  I don’t know how he did it, but the server cut the steak perfectly off of the bone and in half right in front of me.  It was so big, we could only eat half of our halves.  When we threw in the towel, the remaining steak and the delicious bone were wrapped up for us to take home.

A man who wasn’t our server walked our doggie bags over to us.  He introduced himself as the general manager.  “Ladies, I hope you enjoyed your meal, do you have plans for afterwards?”  We were both a little creeped out, so we told him we were going out to a club later.  He replied saying that he’d like to buy us two drinks on the house before we head out (sweeeeeet!!!), so we obviously agreed.  A few minutes later, he returned without any drinks, and to our surprise, he led us to the bar where there were two saved seats, a reserved sign, and two dirty martinis and waters waiting for us.  He thanked us for our business and told us to enjoy!  We couldn’t get over our experience and being treated like royalty, not to mention the unbelievable meal we had just consumed.  Needless to say, I’ll be Kat’s date ANYDAY!!!

After dinner, we had quite the adventure and without divulging all the details… here’s the rundown:  We went to a club where Kat knew the owner… free shots.  We went to a club where Kat knew the DJ… free drinks… dancing on the DJ booth.  We ended the night at a breakfast spot where Kat wanted to sleep on the table after she finished her omelet.  All in all, it was an amazing night, one of the best ever!

SMU Campus

Saturday, Kat and I met Lane for Jewish deli breakfast and head out to do some sightseeing and shopping.  She took me through the campus at SMU (Southern Methodist University).  The students were walking to a football game, dressed in outfits that anyone wearing in a PSU football game would be laughed at.  I couldn’t get over these girls in their cowboy boots and sundresses walking to a football game!

Us getting ready for the night out

We went shopping and bought some cute clothes, then rushed home in time to get ready and meet up with Lane at his house, where he was making us a yummy dinner of- you guessed it… STEAK!  We watched some college football waiting for his friends to arrive, listened to some techno music, drank some yummy drinks, and got all dolled up and ready to go out.

Erin, myself, & Kat at the house

Erin & I at the bar before the beginning of my demise...


Again, I will spare my Mommom and bypass the details for the rest of the night (getting ready is always more fun anyway).  I will tell you though, that my Dallas friends know how to have one hell of a great time!  I reluctantly had to be driven to the airport early Sunday morning, said goodbye to my bestie and her man and somehow made it all the way back to Philly.  I think the only reason I survived the flights back was the warm chocolate chip cookie Frontier Airlines serves on all their flights.  Thank god for that cookie!!!

Dallas Skyline

Dallas was such an amazing trip!  I cannot wait to go back and visit.  I think it was really important for me to do something on my own and for myself.  I had the perfect weather, perfect company, and PERFECT food to make for a wonderful vacation!  Thanks Kat!

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