Happy Holidays from It’s Good To Be The Cook!

Hello everyone,


I wanted to wish you all a happy, healthy, and delicious Holiday Season!  I celebrate Chanukah, which started December 20th.  So far, I have gotten and given some great gifts, but my favorite was from my sister and I had to share!

... a GORGEOUS purple Vera Bradley Apron!

I am so excited to wear it, now I am a real cook!  It even has pockets which is great because I ALWAYS get gunk all over my phone.  Yay!

If you’re anything like myself and my family, you are probably going to eat a lot of great food in the next two weeks.  During “Christmas Break”, I’ll be putting together a healthy-eating and exercise challenge for Dave, myself, and my readers!  Who’s up for it?  It will start Tuesday, January 3rd… so get all of your bad eating out of the way before then!

Today Dave and I are taking the train to NYC to visit some friends, eat some good food, and drink some good drink!  We are staying overnight and stopping by all of the classic New York Christmas sights.  I can’t wait!  Happy Weekend, everyone!  Happy Holidays!


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