Wedding on Long Island & Harold’s Deli

I love weddings!!  This weekend, my family and I traveled up toLong Island, NY to see my cousin Jay & Jen get married!  On our drive up on Friday, we made a pit stop at the famous Harold’s Diner in Edison, NJ.  Many people have told me how ridiculous this place was, and I believed them… but would never have guessed it to be this crazy!  Harold’s is notorious for their portion sizes, and it’s hard to believe but they put Carnegie Deli to shame.

The first thing that excited me about this place was the size of the waters we got when we sat down.  It must have been at least a liter of water.  They must know how badly you’ll need it after eating their food!  We then got to visit the Pickle Bar which was spectacular.  I liked the sours the best.

huge waters!

Next, my Mom, Dad, and Dave ordered a ½ Corned Beef & ½ Pastrami sandwich.  The menu was right when they suggested their smallest sandwich size for 3-4 people.  It was gargantuan!

1/2 Corned Beef, 1/2 Pastrami - they even had to get a side of rye bread to eat it all!

just ridiculous!!!

Since I am on my diet, I picked the Veggie Egg White Omelet- NO cheese!  It was so hard, but I tried to remember how I felt earlier in the morning… when I weighed myself and found out that I LOST4 POUNDS!!!!  I haven’t lost weight in so long, so I couldn’t have been more excited.  So… egg white omelet it is!  When it came out to me, I actually laughed at how huge it was.  I’ve never seen such a big omelet in my life.

My omelet was huge and PACKED with veggies

I don’t know how anyone could eat at Harold’s and order dessert.  Check out these cakes, they’re insane!

Check out that eclair on the bottom... WOW!

After Harold’s, we drove the rest of the way to our hotel to get ready for the big wedding.  In what seemed like a bad Seinfeld episode, the four of us got lost for 25 minutes driving to the ceremony from the hotel.  Luckily, we arrived at the wedding which DIDN’T START YET!  We couldn’t believe it.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and so personal with the bride’s brother officiating the ceremony.  Everyone laughed, cried, and of course danced and celebrated with the family.  It was wonderful!  I even was somehow able to abstain from picking at the CHEESE platter during cocktail hour.  YAY!

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