Disney Day 1!

I am on a very special trip this week!! My Mom and I are visiting our family in Orlando, FL for my cousin Alexandra’s Bat Mitzvah!!! Although traveling is “my thing”, it is totally not my Mom’s! We have never gone away just the two of us and couldn’t be more excited we are getting to now… In the best place on Earth!!! Disney!!!!!

We are allowed to be silly, excited girls without anyone here to stop us! We are allowed to hate spinny rides and roller coasters, and we especially allowed to take as many pictures with characters as we want!!!

Day one is over and was FANTASTIC. We park hopped from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios to Epcot. All in one day! We even got to see my favorite part of Epcot- the “cool club” where you sample sodas from different parts of the world. Duh, that would be my favorite.

A “VIP” table for two was waiting for us at 8:30 for dinner at Coral Reef; we somehow snagged a table RIGHT at the 5.7 MILLION gallon aquarium. Talk about distractions at the dinner table! Remember where Danny Tanner proposed to Vicky in Full House??? That’s the Coral Reef! How cool?

More details, fun stories, and foodie pictures to come! Gotta get some beauty rest so I can be ready for some Cinderella’s Castle action at Magic Kingdom tomorrow!!



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