Jalapeño Mango Chicken Sausage


Not to totally plug my dear ol’ fav Trader Joe’s… but last night I put together another amazing dish using their Corn Penne Pasta. I just love this stuff! In case you missed out on my first post using Corn Pasta (I basically made Taco/Nachos over pasta… mmm!), Trader Joe’s has recently started selling a few different types of pasta made from a Corn base, making it gluten-free! Trader’s actually has a TON of Gluten-Free foods, with an easy-to-print list for you to take shopping with you.

Now, back to the food! Last night, I had no time to make a new recipe for the blog… so I had no plan on posting or taking pictures at all. Dave had asked me to go to the movies 🙂 and who am I to say no?! While I was cleaning my room, doing laundry, and a few other things… I managed to go through the freezer and find Aidelle’s Jalapeno Mango Smoked Chicken Sausage. I have tried a few different flavors of Chicken Sausage from Traders in the past and love them… but I’ve never had this kind before. I stuck 1/2 the package in some hot water and thawed it out… completely forgetting about them for a half hour.

When I realized we only had a half hour to make dinner and run out the door to catch our movie, I had to put something together real fast!!!

First, I made a small salad for us to munch on while I cooked: Romaine, Celery, Tomatoes, Shredded Carrot, Olives, Balsamic

Next, I found the rest of my TJ’s Corn Penne Pasta and started to boil it.
I then cut the sausages into thin slices, about 14 from each link. Those went in a grill pan over medium heat.
About five minutes later, I dumped the rest of the bag of shredded carrots, 2 slices of fresh tomatoes- chopped, and an entire bag of fresh spinach.

I drained the pasta, dumped a jar of Bertolli’s Vidalia Onion Spaghetti Red Sauce in, and then combined it all with the sausage/veggie mixture.

The best part about this meal was that what I used made four servings, enough for us to both have seconds for lunch today! One serving is only 391 calories!! Also, it only took like 15 minutes to make, and it was so yummy we ate it in under 10! We were at the movies with time to spare 🙂 We saw Mission Impossible which was awesome! The entire movie is literally action-packed, and you can’t help but love seeing Tom Cruise swinging on a cable atop world’s tallest building, in Dubai. You have to admit, he still looks pretty sexy in his sunnies.


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