I do have to tell you that I have the BEST boyfriend!  When I’m down in the dumps and having a bad day, what does he suggest?  Taking me out to dinner?  Sweet!

Dave and I 🙂

Neither of us were up for anything fancy, so we decided to go to a dependable neighborhood spot called Gullifty’s.  They have a huge menu and everything we’ve tried there so far has been fairly good so we figured, why not?

We started with two Diet Cokes and an order of their Crisp Calamari.  The calamari came out piping hot and fresh.  It was fried but was crispy and not overly-breaded.  We even found out from the server that they cut and bread the fresh calamari in house… never frozen!  Unexpected but definitely appreciated.  We asked for extra jalapenos on top, and dipped the rings in their roasted pepper and basil aioli sauce.  MMM!

I tried to stick with a healthy decision after eating ½ an order of calarmari, and went with the Shrimp & Chicken Fajitas.  The fajitas at Gullifty’s are advertised as “famous” but they were nothing more than ordinary fajitas.  I would have enjoyed the protein to be seasoned more and the peppers and onions to be more well-done.

Lots of grilled onions

...and all the fixins!

Dave ordered the French Filet Sandwich which was really yummy!  This sandwich should have been a signature dish, not the fajitas!  His sandwich included filet mignon tips, gruyere and parmesan cheese, caramelized onions and greens on a toasted garlic Le Bus roll (a staple as far as Philly artisan breads are concerned…) and horseradish sour cream.  He also got a side of homemade potato chips… they were still warm too!

It’s nice sometimes to go for a more casual, relaxed environment and eat simple good food.  I’m actually not gonna lie- Dave could take me anywhere on a “date night” and I’ll be a happy girl!

Check again soon to see where we end up for Valentine’s Day 2012!! ❤

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