Mushroom Brie & Chocolate Cheddar

After holding out an entire month not eating cheese, I knew I had to buy some on my first trip to Trader Joe’s in Feb.

I love buying cheese from Trader’s because it is so cheap!  They have a wide variety of types and flavors of cheese and the best part is sometimes it can be up to $5/lb cheaper than Wegmans or other grocery stores.

This trip, I tried two new cheeses I had never seen before.

The first- a Triple Cream Brie from Germany with Wild Mushrooms.  Like any triple cream brie, this cheese was thick and well… creamy.  We ate this cheese spread over wheat thin crackers which was perfect because it didn’t overpower the flavor of the cheese.  I was also surprised at how flavorful the mushrooms in the cheese were.  This one’s a winner, if you like mushrooms!

Even more outrageous was the second cheese I bought.  Chocolate Cheddar Cheese?!  Who came up with this idea, and why haven’t I heard it yet??  You might be skeptical, and of course… who wouldn’t be?  But you have to try it!  There is just the right amount of dark chocolate shavings in the cheese to make it the perfect sweet/savory combination.  If you want to try this- get to TJ’s fast!  I just found out this cheese is only here for a limited time and won’t be sold after Feb.

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