Bluefin in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Bluefin is my favorite Sushi restaurant ever!  The special occasion that brought me to Bluefin this weekend is my Aunt Lyn’s birthday.  Eight of us gathered around a long table equipped with a few bottles of Prosecco, and we were ready to celebrate!

Bluefin just moved into a new, larger space… and it is so beautiful!

Me and the birthday girl!

First, the table started out with a couple orders of Edamame and their special Spicy Salad that isn’t even on the menu!  The salad is so simple but the spicy dressing makes it so amazing.

There's always room for some salted edamame

Here's the secret spicy salad... so good

Next came an order of the Spicy Tuna Sundae- the reason I love Bluefin so much!  The tuna sundae is pieces of Tuna Sashimi with sliced Avocado, Cashews, Spicy Sauce and Roes.  The combination of the fresh sashimi with the spicy of the sauce and the crunch of the nuts is so amazing!  Their sushi is always as fresh as can be, and you can definitely taste that in the sundae.


The sushi dish I have dreams of!!!!!! Spicy Tuna Sundae

Spicy Tuna Sundae

My Mom, Lyn, and I laughing at dinner

The Miso Eggplant has to be the best eggplant I’ve ever had!  I don’t know what it is or how it’s made but it was fantastic.  The eggplant was served hot and the miso sauce ontop was sweet and sticky.  I had to get an order of Hamachi (Yellowtail) for myself, it’s my favorite and one of the only sashimi dishes I like to eat.

I want to eat this eggplant every night

Nothing beats fresh Yellowtail Sashimi

Aunt Lyn and I split a Marlee Roll (Tuna on top of Spicy Yellowtail Roll w/ Spicy Sauce & Roes) and an MVP Roll (White Tuna on top of Spicy Yellowtail, Avocado, and Jalapeno… wow!).  Both of those rolls were amazing as expected, but the MVP Roll is definitely my favorite roll ever.  I wonder if it’s named after Phillies’ Shane Victorino… as he’s been spotted at Bluefin a LOT!

Amazing spread of sushi

My Mom and I also shared the special roll for the night which included Cooked Shrimp and Mango inside with Spicy Tuna, Roe, Spicy Sauce, and Cilantro on top.  I love that they have so many creative rolls.

Just beautiful!

Shoutout to Ellen- she is a huge Its Good To Be The Cook fan!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Mom also ordered the Davitch Roll with Salmon on top of Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll w/ Spicy Sauce, Tempura Chips, Roes & Scallions.  It was just so pretty I had to take another picture for you!

Davitch Roll... wow!

Us ladies had such a fun night together.  Bluefin knocks the fortune cookie right outta the water with their fruit that is served at the end of every meal.  They give you the ripest, sweetest pineapple, orange, and a few slices of fried banana.  It’s such a nice touch.  Aunt Lyn goes to Bluefin so much that Master Chef Yong came out to say hi!  He even let me take some pictures with him 🙂

mmm fresh fruit- the perfect dessert after a sushi feast

Love Yong!



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