St. Patty’s Day in Baltimore

I hope everyone had a fun St. Patty’s Day! Dave and I celebrated the holiday in Baltimore at our friend Donny’s house. Donny has the best backyard ever and the weather was just beautiful for the day. Donny was celebrating his birthday and so many of his friends came out to spend the day. We had such a great time and his friends were all so outgoing and fun. Lots of green food and beer was consumed as expected, but I had to give a few foodie shoutouts…

1. Irish Soda Bread. I have never had this before but WOW is it good! I don’t know what makes it different from a regular raisin bread roll but it’s amazing. Donny served it with some Irish butter too.

Irish Soda Bread

2. Donny (this is the same Donny who cut his own slab of bacon during our last visit) cooked up his own Corned Beef. YUM! As if it was possible to be better than the meat itself, the potatoes and carrots that cooked alongside of it were unreal. I think I ate the entire plate of them. Whoops.

Donny's outstanding homemade corned beef

3. Reuben Rolls. Need I say more? Donny’s friend brought these over and they were gone almost immediately! She said it was so easy: a sheet of crescent rolls, some sauerkraut, swiss cheese and corned beef. Roll, slice, and bake. Top it off with some DIY Russian Dressing and enjoy! (Trust me, you will)

Reuben Rolls

4. And in case you missed it, my Green Hummus and Mint Chocolate Muddy Buddies were a huge hit as well.

As if lots of delicious food and drink isn’t enough for me, Donny’s friends brought their Daschund, Rory (short for Aurora). I spent the rest of the night playing around with Rory… she was dressed for the occasion and so adorable!

Heidi and Rory... adorable!

What did everyone else do or eat for St. Patty’s this year? Any good recipes to share?

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