St. Agur Blue & Mustard Ale Cheddar

Hi everyone!! Here are two new fabulous cheeses for you to try from Trader Joe’s:

1. English Cheddar w/ Mustard Seeds and Ale

2. St. Agur Blue Cheese

They are very different but both are so good! The Mustard Cheese was the sample when I went shopping this weekend, so of course I got to try it and picked up a hunk immediately. It’s delicious alone, but you could put it on a sandwich and not even need any mustard, it’s so yummy!

The Blue Cheese is similar to a Roquefort, but less salty and maybe even a little creamier. Trader Joe’s own website claims that it tastes “even butterier than butter”, and it totally is. TJ’s is selling this cheese at an affordable $10.99/lb. I had the grand idea of smushing some of this stuff on a cracker with TJ’s new Fig Butter. What a hit!

(it was all so good everyone had taken some before I could snap these pictures!!)

Next, I want to try some of their goat cheeses!






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