Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Dave and I often joke about how I want to move… anywhere.  Everywhere I visit, I come back saying “I could really live there”!  One city I don’t think I could ever live in is Chicago.  It’s not because of the wind, rain, and snow.  It’s not because their baseball team(s) suck, or how far it is away from the beach.  It’s because I could NEVER get used to eating their pizza!

I am a thin-crust pizza fan all the way.  I almost never get pizza unless I know it’s got a super thin or even cracker thin crust.  It’s just not worth it to me otherwise!  One of my new favorite pizza restaurants is Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza inWayne.  Although the generic sports memorabilia on the walls gives it away, you can hardly tell this place is a chain.  It’s just that good.

Their pizza has a crispy thin crust and is served “well done” as the signs around the restaurant warn you.  Although I would kill for a pie from Anthony’s… their Italian Salad is what really gets me comin’ back.  This salad is served for two in a big wood bowl with tongs.  You can also order it with gorgonzola cheese which comes in a heaping pile ontop, just ready to be mixed in.  The Italian dressing is mixed in but very light.

I love the chick peas in the salad, and OBVIOUSLY the blue cheese!

Another favorite dish at Anthony’s is their wings.  Wings?  That’s surprising at a “fancy” pizza place… right?  Anthony’s wings are no ordinary wings.  They are not fried, but roasted in their Coal Oven, then smothered with a mound of caramelized onions.  They are not spicy or buffalo flavored, they are just simply seasoned to perfection.

Can you see the chicken wings hiding under this blob of caramelized onions? MMM

Finally, onto the star of the show… the pizza.  I’ve already marveled over the crust, let’s talk toppings.  The pie we ordered on this occasion was the Meatball & Ricotta pie.  Ricotta cheese on pizza is one of my favorite toppings to get, and the meatballs I’ve never tried!  They were delicious and a welcome addition to my repetiore of pizza toppings.  We also obviously had to order the Long Hot Italian Peppers on it too, because nothing is good if it’s not spicy, right Dave?

Our pizza tonight: Meatballs, Ricotta, and Long Hots

You should check out Anthony’s website and see if they have a location near you!  It’s awesome!

4 thoughts on “Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

  1. My husband and I have known Anthony for years. His main restaurant is in Ft. Lauderdale and is called Runway 84. Several years ago he started Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza and I can’t believe how it has grown to so many locations. We love going there whenever we are in Florida.

  2. Actually, Chicago has three types of pizza: deep dish, stuffed, and thin crust. In fact, their thin crust is thinner than any pizza you’ve probably ever had. The rest of the country thinks all Chicago pizza is deep dish because of the Pizzeria Uno chain.
    I’m frequently in Chicago and always try to have two types: stuffed (as Giordano’s had) and thin crust (at almost every other pizza place in the area).
    I always enjoy your posts!

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