Pineapple Salmon

Have you ever tried grilled pineapple?  This past summer, I tried it out on the BBQ and loved it!  Since it’s not quite BBQ weather, I decided to try to do a salmon with pineapple baked on top.  We even baked the salmon in the entire can of pineapple juice which kept it really moist and flavorful.

Pineapple Salmon from It’s Good To Be The Cook

Total Time:  15 minutes
4 servings of Fresh Salmon
1/4-1/2 cup Sweet Chili Sauce (I use Trader Joe’s… it’s the best)
1/4 cup Teriyaki Sauce
1 can Pineapple Chunks
Sea Salt & Pepper
1.  Preheat the oven to 375.
2.  Rinse and cut the salmon to fit a baking dish.  Season w/ just a pinch of salt and pepper.
3.  Put both sauces on the salmon, using a spoon or a brush.  It doesn’t have to go on evenly.
4.  Dump the can of pineapple with the juice over the salmon.
5.  Bake the salmon for 10-20 minutes, depending on thickness and size.  (Here are some tips if you need help deciding if your salmon is cooked!)  **At about 1/2 way through baking time, take salmon out and “baste” using a spoon, putting the juices over the pineapple and salmon.
6.  Serve and enjoy!

Before being baked

Finished Product

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