Green Eggs & Matzah

Happy Passover, everyone  (and almost Easter to everyone else)!

It’s only 11am and I just got home from kicking some major workout ass.  Starting at 8:30, I took an intense “Power Strike” class (similar to kickboxing) and then immediately after, an hour-long spin class with my favorite instructor.  It was exhausting but I feel great.  I force myself to take a shower, somehow finding the strength to stand for more than five minutes.  Almost right after I hop out… I’m starved!  What to make that’s… a.  Passover-safe (I am “keeping” it this year which for me just means nothing with yeast in it for a week) and b. that won’t “ruin” the amazing workout I just had.

Since I can’t sop it all up with toast… poached eggs are out.  Pancakes, French Toast, out and out.  Knowing that this would be both my breakfast and lunch, I wanted to think big.  I also wanted to give breakfast potatoes another stab… since I normally screw those up.

Green Eggs & Matzah it is!  Oh, and I’ll throw in a small potato’s worth of the BEST Breakfast Potatoes I’ve ever made!

Green Eggs & Matzah

6 pieces Frozen Broccoli (small ones)
1/2 Cup Frozen Chopped Spinach
1 Large Egg
3 Egg Whites
1 Tablespoon Avocado
1 Slice Sargento Deli-Style Reduced-Fat Swiss Cheese
1 Sheet Egg-Whites Only Matzo
1 Tablespooon Light Butter
1 small Yukon Gold Potato
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1.  Microwave broccoli and spinach until it’s mostly heated up, about 1 minute.  Spray a saute pan and heat broccoli and spinach.
2.  Stab the small potato with a fork a few times, and microwave it for about 4-5 minutes, depending on size.
3.  Beat Egg, Egg Whites, and a teaspoon of water, then cover the green veggies in the pan with it.  Season if you’d like.  Cook on Medium heat and cover.
4.  Meanwhile, let the potato cool for a few minutes.  You can smash it with the heel of your hand or slice it (it will smush a little bit… don’t worry).  Throw these in a smaller pan with oil already heated up on medium or medium-high.  I seasoned w/ my favorite Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning and Paprika.  You can do just salt and pepper, or really anything.  Mix up occasionally to avoid burning.
5.  Check on the eggs.  Run a heat-safe rubber spatula around the edges to make sure it’s not sticking.  If it is- cut your losses and just make a scramble!  Once the top is mostly cooked, take the avocado and place it in a few pieces throughout the egg.  Break up the slice of cheese and evenly distribute.  You can fold here  or put the cover back on.  Lower heat to warm/low to avoid burning the bottom of the egg.
6.  Once the egg is fully cooked, and the potato is cooked to your liking (crispy for me!) Serve on a plate.
7.  Where’s the Matzah?  I took one sheet of Matzah and broke it up into three.  Since I’m so indecisive, I had to have it three ways!  (Light Butter and Sea Salt on one… Light Butter and TJ’s Coffee/Chocolate/Sugar Grinder on the second, and homemade strawberry jam on the third).

Results… OMG!  First of all, the potato was fantastic.  It’s my first time making any type of breakfast potato successfully.  YAY!  The eggs turned out humongous, which was perfect for my grumbling post-workout belly.  I should remember for next time, that when I add avocado to my omelets, I don’t need ANY cheese!  The creaminess of the avocado is a great replacement for cheese.   Now, for the Matzah part… I love it but I’m sure most people wouldn’t agree.

This entire meal, cheese… matzah… and even the light butter included… only ran me around 500 calories!!!!  Can you believe that?  A full breakfast and lunch with all of that stuff.  Nice!

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