Silk Cuisine, Pad See Ew

This may be hard to believe, but when I was little, i HATED Chinese food!  I hated Sunday nights at our family friends’ house when we ordered it.  I wouldn’t try anything, not even plain old white rice.  Gross.  It was like this for a long time, until something happened:  Thai Food.  

My Dad, the accountant, was hired by a small family-run Thai Restaurant not too far from home.  My Dad wanted us to try it out.  Reluctant, I made him warn Peter (the owner and chef) about my hatred towards Chinese food.  Peter insisted on making me something that wasn’t even on their dinner menu, promising my Dad that I’d like it.  Thankfully, Peter was right!  In what could be considered a “life-changing foodie-event”, I tried Pad See Ew for the first time.  For the next six or seven years, any time we’d go to the restaurant, Silk Cuisine (or “Peter’s” as we call it), I would order this dish, and so would ALL of us kids in our group of family friends.  It actually wasn’t until a few years ago that I would let myself branch out and try other things there, having fallen so deeply in food-love with Pad See Ew.  

This past week, in celebration of the end of his tax-season, my Dad picked us up some Pad See Ew & Yellowgrass Soup for dinner.  

Shrimp Lemongrass Soup

Delicious Pad See Ew (not "ew" at all!!!)

What is Pad See Ew anyway?  As I used to call it, “chicken, broccoli, and wide-noodles”.  It has a base of a dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, a touch of sugar and garlic, broad rice noodles, egg, and chicken.  It sounds very simple, which it is… but it is so amazing.  It’s a great change of pace from my normal spicy asian dinners now.  My indecisive ordering demon in my head almost always loses out to this fantastic dish, I have to pick it everytime.  It’s just my favorite!  

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