Spamps, Apps & Sushi

I didn’t even realize that yesterday was my 100th Blog Post, making today 101! Thank you for reading, re-posting, pinning, commenting, and all of that good stuff.  This has been fun so far and I look forward to the blog continuing to grow with the next 101 posts 🙂  

You know me and my Groupons.  I love them!  This deal took Dave and our friends Andrew & Colleen to a “Steak, Seafood, & Sushi” restaurant called Spamps.  The place is pretty interesting and we had quite a unique experience there.  Their main room was taken over by a private party, so after having a drink at the bar, we were taken to a separate but connected Italian Restaurant to eat our dinner.  

We decided to order a bunch of appetizers and one sushi roll because they definitely seemed more interesting than the entrees.  I love going out with Andrew and Colleen becuaes they are just like us:  they love food!  We all agreed on ordering:

I'm not sure how these are "wontons" but they were yummy. The sauce was really good.

Island Wontons 
jerk pork/bananas/honey glazed almonds/papaya coulis

Couldn't decide which was better, the Buff Chix Wonton itself or the salad that we ate with it!

Buffalo Chicken Wonton
napa cabbage/celery/blue cheese/bacon

I believe I've said this before, but Short Rib ANYTHING is just the best.

Beef Short Rib Sliders
brioche roll/smoked gouda/pickled ginger/soy mirinreduction

These babies were SPI-CYYYYY!!! MMM!

Firecracker Calamari
buffalo sauce/blue cheese/pineapple

Cheesteak Egg Rolls are a staple in any creative Philly Menu... and always delicious. I mean really, what could be bad?

Cheese Steak Spring Rolls
american cheese/shaved rib-eye/siracha ketchup

Just another stop on Dave's Grand Mussel tour... he's obsessed! We're ordering them everywhere we go. These were really big but the broth was missing some flavor.

ginger/black bean sauce/red chili flake

This sushi roll was pretty! And tasty.

Spamps Sushi Roll
black pepper crusted tuna and asparagus topped with king crab meat and tobiko, topped with wasabi sauce
Overall, the food was really very good.  Sitting in the Italian section of the restaurant with no music was pretty strange, especially when we were the only people in there!  My only other complaint was that our bread came at the VERY end of our meal… which included a BOWL of olive oil.

WTF, bowl 'o oil?

I’ve never seen anything like this before and both Andrew and I couldn’t stop laughing over how awkward it was to dip the bread in.  Oh well!
I’d go back but definitely stick with the apps… they were delish!

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