Beth’s Springtime Tuna Salad

Dave’s Mom, Robin, makes THE BEST tuna salad.  She also makes the best chicken salad- but I’ll have to get her to make us some of that another time.  This post is about TUNA.

The week before Dave moved into his apartment, we were eating dinner with his parents.  We were having such a nice time, until he makes the most irritating claim I’ve ever heard… “when I move out, I’m just going to eat salad with tuna and asian dressing… every night”.  My mouth dropped.  WHAT?!?!  You’re going to eat that EVERY.NIGHT?!?!

I had been so excited to have “my own” kitchen and make new recipes and fun dinners together… the anger burned up inside of me with this comment… “every night”.  Why would he want to eat the same thing every night?

You also should know that at this time, I hated “Asian” Dressing (Ken’s Light Asian Sesame) and also didn’t like Tuna Salad in my salad.  I had a fear of tomatoes, and despised olives… but you know that already :).  Needless to say, this was a nightmare!

It only took a month after Dave moved for him to have me a Tuna-In-My-Salad convert.  I convinced myself to like olives, and a few months later tomatoes.  He also had me addicted (and I still am) to his Asian Dressing.  MMM!  Now it’s up to me to get him to overcome his food fears (Ham, Shrimp, & Mushrooms).  I’m determined, but that’s for some other time.  Again… this is about TUNA!

As yummy as this recipe was, I will have to tell you that I would MUCH rather be eating tuna sashimi or the Spicy Tuna Sundae from Bluefin.  However, a few cans of tuna, some veggies, mayo, and some fresh dill was all I had and all I needed to make a delicious dinner (and what will also be a delicious lunch today!).

Beth’s Springtime Tuna Salad

Recipe adapted from:  Robin’s Tuna Salad
Makes:  6-8 Servings
5 Cans Solid White Albacore Tuna, drained
2 large Carrots, peeled
5 stalks Celery, rinsed
1 Jalapeno, seeded
1 Tablespoon fresh Dill, chopped
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
1 Cup Olive Oil Mayo (or 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup fat free Sour Cream)
Salt & Pepper
1.  Chop Carrots, Celery & Jalapeno into very very small pieces.  Place the tuna in a large bowl and smash with a fork for a minute or two to separate the larger pieces.  Add the veggies.
2.  Add the Dill, Lemon Juice, and a shake of Sea Salt & a few grinds of Pepper.  Add mayo a little at a time, mixing to combine.  Add enough mayo until it reaches your desired consistency.  I don’t like mine to be too “mayo-ey”, so I try to only add as much as needed.
3.  Enjoy!  Divide into smaller containers to use  more than once.  We ate ours tonight over a nice big salad.  Tomorrow I will eat it with some Melba Snacks or Wheat Thins!

This batch was really yummy but definitely not as good as Robin’s!  

Robert Irvine would be disappointed in my inability to chop these veggies evenly... lol

Veggies ready to be mixed in

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