Mexican Post, Love Park Philadelphia

No Cheese.

Dave and I are back on one month of quitting cheese.   Sigh.

In lieu of creating some type of cheese-less mexican dish for you in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I’m going to tell you about our dinner at the Mexican Post in Philly.

The famous Philly Love Park, right outside of where Mexican Post is located.

Dave and I had a night out together for our 3 & 1/2 year anniversary last weekend.  We chose to celebrate not because we’re romantic and do that sort of thing… but because I (miss groupon) had a deal that had to be used up!  lol.  For just $15, we could order two appetizers, two entrees, and two drinks.  WOW!

Our VERY FIRST picture together! Right after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

We went after work and were just in time to watch the Flyers in a playoffs game.  The restaurant had just finished up their happy hour, and they were packed.  We waited and waited for what seemed like at least 10-15 minutes to get a server, when finally an older gentleman came to ask us if we’d like drinks.  (uh… yeah!)  Turns out, he was either the owner or manager of the place, and we got the royal treatment the rest of the night!  He apologized of course, and then took care of us while we ordered our Mexican Feast.


We started out with the Ceviche de Pescado & Rosarito Flauta.  What am I thinking?  The real start to the meal was a big bowl of homemade tortilla chips w/ really really REALLY good salsa and TWO fabulous drinks.  I went with the Casa Mango Margarita-Jito & Dave with “The Don”.

A Margarita-Mojito MIX! Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila with premium Grand Marnier, muddled mint and lime over smooth mango puree and their signature sour mix

Don Julio Blanco Tequila with 2 slices of jalapenos and cucumbers muddled with pure agave nectar. Cointreau and lime juice – rimmed w/ cayenne pepper and salt

Tilapia fish with avocado, lime juice, onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

By far the best part! It even had (delicious) written next to it on the menu! Spinach flour tortilla, grilled chicken breast, serrano peppers (medium), plum tomatoes and Chihuahua cheese served with chipotle BBQ sauce and guacamole.

Everything so far was delicious.  As we were enjoying our drinks, our “waiter” came back out and offered us a special secret hot sauce (after I mentioned we like spicy…).  He recommended we try some on the Ceviche.  Thinking it had a top like regular Frank’s Hot Sauce, I shook some onto my Ceviche & chips.  Whoops… there was no “safety” lid on this bottle, and hot sauce poured onto my dish.  Dave just looked at me and laughed, having already tried some.  O.M.G.  FIRE.  My mouth was  Within the next few minutes, all of our chips and my drink were gone… into my belly in an attempt to cool off my mouth.  The terrible part is, I actually really liked this hot sauce.  It had so much flavor, despite being HOT AS HELL.  Next time, I’ll be more careful!



For our main dishes, we both went in opposite directions.  Dave wanted to try the Carne Asada, since he really likes the one we eat from Trader Joe’s.  I found the perfect dinner for indecisive, little, old me… the Taco Sampler.  🙂

Skirt steak, sauteed onions and peppers topped with chimichori sauce. Served with yuca frita and guacamole.

(L to R) 1. Corn soft tacos with pulled pork, roasted pineapple salsa, espuma (avocado & Serrano vinaigrette) sauce and red pickled onions. 2. Corn soft tacos with chicken tinga topped with shredded lettuce, avocado, queso fresco and crema fresca. 3. Corn soft tacos with grilled skirt steak, re-fried beans, pico de gallo, espuma (avocado & Serrano vinaigrette) sauce and crispy onions. 4. Corn soft tacos with beer battered tilapia, Mexican slaw, diced tomatoes, queso fresco, aioli (scallions & olive oil) sauce with a side of salsa ranchera.

By the time our entrees had come out from the kitchen, I was so full!  This rarely happens to me, but I made an attempt to try a few bites of each taco.  They were all delish except the fish taco, which was too greasy for my liking.  I guess I’m also comparing this to my only fish taco experience- which was at a small Mom/Pop Mexican place in L.A.  Dave really enjoyed his steak which was humongous.  It came with only a few “fritas” which was strange, but perfect as we were stuffed.


We really enjoyed the food at Mexican Post.  Everything was very fresh and flavorful.  This is the second time I’ve been here though, and the second time the owner/manager has had to help my table.  If the service stepped up a bit, this might be a staple for us.

What is everyone making for Cinco de Mayo?!  I will be enjoying my weekend up at PENN STATE to watch my little sister graduate!  I can’t wait… a whole weekend in my happy place… with my whole family! 🙂

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