Manayunk Tavern

I never get to do Happy Hour!  I pretty much exercise every day after work is over, so getting to a bar for cheap drinks and food never seems to happen for me.  EW!

I briefly mentioned on Monday, that this past Friday I had enough of this… and made a point to get out of work and get down to Happy Hour!  My boyfriend Dave and our friend Adam and I headed over to the artsy, adorable, bar-infested area of Philadelphia called Manayunk.  It couldn’t have been more of a beautiful day and we were determined to get a table outside.

For all of you NON-Philadelphians… it’s pronounced Man-EE-Yunk!

I’m loving fresh Margarita’s this season!

After the boys had a beer and I had a Margarita at Derek’s, we were able to get a PRIME seat at the Manayunk Tavern.  Our table was the first one outside of the restaurant, which was the perfect spot for people watching.  SO FUN!

I was pretty pumped because they had my favorite beer on tap!  Have you ever tried it?  It sounds really weird… and it is… but it’s SO GOOD!  It’s the 21st Amendment Brewery’s “Hell or High Watermelon“.  It’s a wheat beer, and yes, it’s flavored with watermelon.  It has a really refreshing flavor and surprisingly it works really well.  I know I’ve had it before from Wegmans, if you’re looking for it.


I’ve been to Manayunk Tavern for dinner before, and I absolutely love their soups.  They are always made fresh and really creative.  They have a spectacular butternut squash soup in the fall… i am craving it now!  It was too hot outside to get soup, so the three of us decided to try out the Calamari.

Great calamari!

You know how sometimes you order fried Calamari out at a restaurant, and it just sucks?  There are so many ways to screw it up, and I always feel such disappointment!  It can be soggy, too breaded, not seasoned well, not hot enough, etc…. ew!  Well let me tell you, this Calamari was fantastic!  It was fried to a crisp and was tossed with enough fried Jalapeno slices to give it a nice hot kick!  Easy A!

For dinner, I had to go against my attempt to “quit” cheese and order a really decadent burger.  It sounded so interesting I couldn’t resist… and I don’t even like bacon on burgers… but I had to do it!  I ordered the “Smokey” Burger, complete with a Smoked Paprika Dry Rub (on a burger?!?! right!?), Applewood Bacon, Smoked Mozz, Chipotle Remoulade, Lettuce, Toms, and Onions.  WOW!  It was awesome.  I chose the Sweet Potato Fries as my side, but they were a little too greasy so I didn’t eat that many.

The boys ordered a Filet sandwich which was loaded with good stuff… I’m sorry I don’t have a picture, but we all dug into our food so fast I didn’t get a chance!  lol.

Afterwards, we saw The Avengers.  Has anyone else seen it?  Thoughts?  I enjoyed it but was pretty unimpressed.  (although it did inspire Dave and I to watch Captain America on Saturday!)

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