“Down the Shore” Week 2

The shore was EMPTY this weekend.  I’m so glad we made the decision to go to the shore this weekend despite the weather report.  It ended up being beautiful!  No one was down, the streets were empty, there was parking everywhere, and the wait at Smitty’s Clam Bar was only 1.5 Hours.  Perfect.

Here’s what you missed this weekend via Instagram & PicMonkey Collage

1.  Sat at the pool with Dave & Adam… 18% done new book Rob Lowe’s “Stories I Only Tell My Friends“.   It’s fab, he’s the Forrest Gump of Hollywood.
2.  Shopped for my first bike!  EEE!
3.  Drank some Corona Lights @ Maynard’s in Margate, a great outdoor bar for people watching.
4.  Found my dream shore house in Longport.  It’s beautiful… ahhhh!

Beautiful Beach Weekend

You can’t lick our clams! Smitty’s Clam Bar post to come soon!

5.  Saturday night dinner @ Smitty’s Clam Bar in Somer’s Point.  Smittys sits right on the bay… what a gorgeous view.
6.  Adam joined us for family dinner & Dave wore his new shirt only to get sauce on it (we got it out, don’t worry!)
7.  The 1.5 hour wait is perfect to join everyone else in the waiting-line tailgate.  Everyone brings their own booze… Smitty’s provides ice and cups… and you just hang out and drink until you’re called!  So fun.
8.  Thanks to my Mom & Dad for the best seafood dinner!  They’re the best 🙂

Love my “big girl” Dani!

9.  Dani was cold after jumping in the ocean with Dave… she came to me to warm her up!  OH, and yes that is a seagull flying over us at the exact moment the picture was taken… ahhh!
10.  Dani was really into hanging out with Dave this weekend… how precious is this picture?

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