O Bistro @ Revel Casino … my first Yelp Review

For anyone who’s ever read about any of my encounters at restaurants… you will know that I am VERY easy to please.  I don’t think I’ve ever written more than one negative comment about a restaurant since I started blogging.  I am very kind and patient with servers, and always tip 20%.

With all of this being said… you need to hear about my experience at The O Bistro Dining Room at the brand new casino in Atlantic City, The Revel.

I was expecting good things, as the casino is geared towards the higher-end, fancy, weathier guests of AC… boasting a total of 14 new restaurants from Top Chefs and James Beard winners.  I was wrong!  This restaurant was the absolute WORST dining experience I’ve EVER had.  It even prompted me to write my very first review on Yelp.  Take a look!

Before I start, let me tell you that this is the FIRST review I’ve ever written on Yelp.  

The breakfast turned brunch that my friends and I had at O Bistro Dining Room in the Revel Casino was the absolute WORST I’ve ever experienced.  

After waiting for 30-40 minutes to be seated, it took our server almost ten minutes to come to our table.  We had already been served water but ordered coffee and let the server know we were ready to order.  He responded “okay, I’ll take your order now”… and walked away.  

He did not come back for another ten minutes.  We placed our orders, most of us making our own omelets.  We were never asked what type of toast we’d like (as described on the menu white, wheat, rye or english muffin).  We also had to ask several times for more coffee.  

The server came back after maybe 15 more minutes to let someone know they were out of english muffins.  Okay.  We waited and waited, and watched the 2nd table of our group get served their meals.  We politely asked our server about the status of our food, which he replied “I’m hungry too…”

About 10 minutes later, a runner and our server came out with plates of food.  They stood there at our table, holding the plates, staring at us.  They did not know what omelets were filled with what.  They just stood there staring at us.  We grabbed the plates after uncomfortably sitting there, and figured it out ourselves after cutting them open. 

Three of the omelets were COATED in butter.  The entire bottom of my plate was covered in yellow grease, and after trying to move my egg around it… I took one bite of the eggs and all I could taste was the butter.  Gross.  Even after asking for rye toast (again, on my own not being asked to) we only received a huge plate of wheat toast.  We did receive two English muffins?  

My friend told the server we’d like to speak to the manager, after he stared at us blankly when we complained to him.  The manager couldn’t have been less sympathetic.  She did not apologize once.  She did not take any responsibility.  My friend asked for her eggs to be remade, and the rest of us didn’t feel like eating at that point.  

The entire ordeal took over 80 minutes.  Not to mention that the server and manager were talking about us just a few feet away, laughing and pointing.  Nice.   Two egg dishes were removed from the check but they did have the guts to charge us an extra $3 for the English Muffin… that was an option on the menu?!  Really?!

I would NEVER go back here and recommend anyone to stay away.  I’d rather pay $40 for the fancy brunch at One Steakhouse downstairs.  Not what I’d expect from ANY restaurant, let alone the main breakfast dining room at the fanciest, high-end, brand spankin’ new casino in AC.  This was the absolute worst service I’ve ever experienced in my life.

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