Dieting is hard!!

F Dieting.  It really, really, really sucks.  It really sucks when you LOVE food like I do.  About 3 weeks ago, I started back up on the new Weight Watchers program.  I am also seeing the dietitian at my work (aka “John the Dietitian” … as we have another John in my office).  John the Dietitian is wonderful and fills in the blanks that WW leaves out, such as how many servings of grains/fruits/dairy, etc I should be eating per day, the timing of my meals, and things like lowering sugar intake.  The combination of the two programs have been really helpful.

This all sounds fine and dandy, until I get home and my parents are making a delicious homemade pizza… I didn’t get a chance to food shop for the week, and I’m exhausted from working out and finally getting home at 8pm.  WTF’s a girl to do?!

Although my parents, boyfriend, sister, and some friends are supportive of my trying to lose some weight, it is still so difficult to try to be “good” when everyone else… isn’t.

Snacks are a big weakness at home.  My family is notorious for having a fully stocked chip/snack cabinet, filled with new flavors and types of goodies.  The same thing goes with our sweets and candy.  My Dad is Tastykake’s #1 Fan and we even keep boxes of those out on the counter… in plain sight.  I’ve grown used to avoiding at least those, but fresh soft pretzels and new chips are nearly impossible to ignore.

At work… free food is such a trigger for me breaking my diet.  With the way my finances have been (well since I graduated, ha)… the sound of free food is almost too good to pass up.  Most of the time, free food is never what I really want to or should be eating.  People bring in chocolates, cookies, hoagies, bagels, etc etc.  My co-workers never really get the point that i DO NOT WANT to eat bad!  They continue to try to give bad food to me… it can be very hard at times to say no.

With friends, the hardest thing for me is going out to eat.  I absolutely LOVE trying new restaurants, and i seriously enjoy spending time with my girlfriends… but going out to eat with them twice or even just once a week adds up.  I feel guilty but try to steer our restaurant choices to make sure there is something I can eat that is on the healthier side.

With all of these outside factors constantly affecting my choices, of course it’s going to be hard to diet.  However, it is ultimately my decision what I put into my body.  Making smart choices can be hard but they’re what it takes to make a difference.

Although it’s not fun, a great way for me to make good decisions is to “be on my own” for dinner.  This week, my parents cooked up a homemade pizza and Dave made himself a ridiculously gooey grilled cheese.

It smelled as good as it looks!

Dave’s RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING grilled cheese… mmmmmmmmmmm!

I decided to go on my own and make a Spinach & Tomato Omelet with Toast.  It’s so easy, so healhty, and honestly I love it.  Eggs are my absolute favorite healthy food… I love them in the morning… with my lunch… and it is a GREAT dinner when I’m short on time and “points”!

I love to load on the spinach… its super healthy and ZERO points, like all green veggies!

A huge dinner for only 5 WW Points… Oh, and I love ketchup on eggs. 🙂

Spinach & Tomato Omelet w/ Toast

ONLY 5 POINTS!  (it will be more if you don’t measure the parm & cream cheese, so be careful!)
2 Egg Whites
1 Egg
Handful Spinach
1/2 Tomato, chopped
2 Slices Smartwheat Wonder Bread (the best diet bread, ever)
1 teaspoon Fat Free Cream Cheese
Spray Butter
Sprinkle Parmesan Cheese & Garlic Salt
Directions:  Easy!!
1.  Mix eggs and pour onto a heated & sprayed frying pan.  Mix it around with heat-proof rubber scraper until the eggs start to settle on the bottom.  Add tomato & spinach.  When the egg is almost cooked, fold over and let the inside cook for another two minutes.
2.  Toast the bread, then spread the cream cheese on one side, spray butter and a sprinkle (teaspoon or less) of Parmesan cheese on the other.  I like a little garlic salt on that piece too!

Do you have any tricks for eating right?  What are your favorite healthy foods?

2 thoughts on “Dieting is hard!!

  1. I agree, I’m the worst at turning down free food or not ordering the biggest meal when trying new places! I’ve learned to keep water and dark chocolate in my bag, which really helps! When I get a hankering for something sweet I have a small square of dark chocolate, and I always make sure I’m not just thirsty before diving into the snacks.

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