Devil’s Alley, Philadelphia

I have been avoiding writing this post for about a month.  Seriously… I went to this restaurant a month ago.  Why the wait, you wonder?

I have thought about writing this several times this month… but couldn’t commit to doing it, because that would mean that it really happened.  It can’t be over… it just can’t!  It was the best day… ever!

My best friend from Penn State, Melanie and I were given the rare opportunity to spend an afternoon together.

Mel and I have only spent a handful of days together over the past four years.  How much does that SUCK?!  With Melanie in school a year after I graduated, then moving to Butler, PA (outside of Pittsburgh), Rochester, NY… and now finally Fort Wayne, IN… it has been more than difficult for us to see each other.

We have learned to accept the fact that our friendship can survive and grow only talking on the phone… emails… texts… etc.  We’re so the relationship of “today”.  With all of this being said, I have learned to cherish the few moments we are able to spend together.  This afternoon in Philly being one of them.

On a beautiful day this May, Melanie flew into Philly for a friend’s Bridal Shower.  I picked her up from the airport and took her on a mini-tour through Philly and the suburbs and back to my house.  After a quick visit with the pups and changing outfits… Mel and I headed out downtown to spend the day together!

It happened to be the “Rittenhouse Row” Festival, where the street is blocked off for food, drink, and other vendors to celebrate spring!  Although it was awesome, it was way too crowded and hot… we decided to find a bar with good food so we could sit down and catch up- for real.

It was a GORGEOUS day, perfect for the Rittenhouse Row Festival

Mel and I ended up at Devil’s Alley in Center City, Philly.  I loved it here!  The atmosphere was really nice… we were at a table underneath a skylight and were not near anyone else.  It was perfect.  Despite the terrible service (our waiter basically forgot about us), and the slightly high prices, the food was fantastic, and our pitcher of Raspberry Mojito did not disappoint.

A PITCHER of a pretty delicious pink drink seemed super appropriate for the occasion.

I don’t need to delve into the details of our time together… it was absolutely the best day.  However… I do have to tell you about our meal!

Melanie and I (both extremely indecisive) split the Walnut-Breaded Chicken Tenders & the Chorizo Burger.  OMG YUM.  They both came with fries, one with Sweets and one with Regular.  The fries were to die for.  The food was to die for. As if this wasn’t enough… the dipping sauce for the chicken tenders was heavenly.

“tenders with dry rub spicy fries, coleslaw & jalapeño apple jelly” – These were some SERIOUS chicken fingers. OMG. Just delish. The “jelly” was freakin’ fantastic. We devoured it.

A Chorizo Burger… Yes- made with ground Chorizo Sausage & topped with a Fried Egg & Cheddar Cheese. Smothered in Sweet Po- Fries. WOW.


The rest of the afternoon was quite an adventure, including a lost (and found) cell phone, forgotten luggage, missed trains, and a whole bunch of laughing!  I cannot wait until the next time I get to write to you about another time with one of my favorite people in the world!  🙂

Lovin’ havin Mel in Philly!!

… I will buy YOU a ferret …

7 thoughts on “Devil’s Alley, Philadelphia

  1. I am all over the place with this post – I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m filled up but yet empty all at the same time…the things you do to me!! LOVE reading about our best day ever and reliving it in my head and heart! What a special post 🙂 I love you dearly and cannot wait for our next adventure! xo

  2. Oh, I’m glad you got to spend time together and had so much fun. Besides friends and good food, there’s nothing better than laughing together!

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