Happy Birthday, to me!

My birthday is a holiday.  It just always seems to turn out that way… and I’m okay with it.  We really have been celebrating my birthday here and there for the past month!

1.  Three Weeks ago, our friend “Patrice” came to visit from Cali!  I took a half day and we went to a Phillies Game.

2.  Coronas on the beach

3.  Birthday celebration in Atlantic City wouldn’t be complete without a White House Special from the best hoagie place in town… White House!

4.  Donny came to the celebration w/ a White Trash Creme Brulee Pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore.  WOW.  We cut it using a credit card.  Classy…

5.  Regan treated everyone to a fabulous dinner at Yama, filled with lots of sushi & sake bombs!

6.  Fast forward to this past Friday, Birthday Eve.  Got out of work at 2pm to have a few drinks with my work girls!  Love the BrewPub sampler!

7.  Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45/48 charges brought against him in the Child Sexual Abuse case.  The pups were watching intently with the whole family as we watched the announcement on CNN.  No winners in this story but at least justice is starting to be served!

8.  I received some really awesome birthday gifts!  My favorite being the homemade giant card Dave gave me 🙂  He also bought me my first cast iron skillet & dutch oven… think of all the recipes I can make with them!!!

9.  We spent my actual birthday, June 23rd at Dave’s college roommates wedding, Brian & Danielle.  They had gorgeous weather.  Danielle looked stunning and the wedding was such a great time.

With a few other little things in between… it was a great birthday!  Thanks to everyone who made this birth-month so special.  I love you all!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, to me!

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