Trader Joe’s Shredded Hash Browns

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced you to a new TJ’s item.  These frozen potatoes are so amazing, I had to break out and make a new post!

So, I’m not sure what makes THESE frozen potatoes different than most other frozen potatoes, but what I do know… is that they are delicious.  SO: I looked it up on TJ’s website after writing this… here is what makes them so special:

… is made without artificial ingredients, preservatives or partially hydrogenated oils.

Perfecting hash browns has been a goal of Dave and I for years.  Every time we’re motivated enough to make a nice big breakfast on the weekends, we try a different way to hash-brown.  We’ve sliced them thin like chips, we’ve chopped them up into chunks, and we’ve even shredded our own potatoes, but it never works well.  They end up in a huge clump, not crispy, too crispy, too greasy, etc.

With these potatoes, we made the perfect hash browns this weekend.  I’m telling you, perfect.  All I had to do was heat up my new cast-iron skillet, add some Sunflower Seed Oil (you can use any kind, but this is the new one I have… from TJ’s actually!) heat it up & add the potatoes w/ some salt and pepper.

The key here is to let the potatoes be.  Don’t move them around, don’t chop them up… just let them cook.  Once the bottom is nice and crispy, flip them around and cook the other side.  That’s all you need to do.  They turned out freakin’ fantastic.

I give these an A+!  OH, I forgot to mention… they’re only $1.69 for a 20oz bag!


There they are all crisped-up on the left side. We had a delicious breakfast with a tomato omelet, bacon, and some fresh multi-grain french bread!

2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Shredded Hash Browns

    • Hi Marilyn! I actually do not know but TJs has the absolute best customer service ever and if you call them they will either know already or find out for you!! Here’s the number for the one I go to: +1 (610) 658-0645

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