The Color Run

Last month, I ran my first 5K!

Dave and our friends Allie, Jay, and Carrie ran the Philadelphia Color Run.

If you didn’t hear about it yet, check it out!  It’s pretty awesome.

Before the race, you’re given a white tee-shirt and a small pack of powdered color/paint.  They tell you to save your color for the end!  Every 1K you run, you go through rows of volunteers who are throwing colored “paint” powder onto you!  Every “K” they are equipped with a different color.  When you’re done the race, you’re basically tyedyed, it was so pretty.  At the end of the race, everyone opens up their individual color pack and if you weren’t colored enough, you dance around and get colored more.

Needless to say, it was quite the scene walking back through Center City covered in rainbow colors head-to-toe!

We had so much fun, and although it was really crowded and slow… we ran the whole way!  🙂

Getting ready to rock and roll!

Carrie’s Husband Ryan brought their daughter Leah to see us after the race! In case you didn’t recognize her covered in paint, yes- that’s Allie from !!!

Color LOVE!

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