Wasabi Gouda


My parents have raised me to love GOOD CHEESE!  We love going to DiBruno Bros, the Italian Market, or anywhere really… that has different cheeses.  We love to try new ones, and a great place to do that is Trader Joe’s.  TJ’s Cheese Selection is fantastic.  Their cheeses are at least a few dollars cheaper per pound than anywhere else.  It makes it a lot easier to try new things!

This time, we bought a hunk of Manchego (my fav!!!!!!!) and we tried their new Gouda Cheese w/ Wasabi.

The Wasabi Gouda is delish.  It’s super creamy but you can definitely taste the wasabi in there.  It isn’t very spicy, but it’s really flavorful.  We ate a lot of it on it’s own and the rest on plain Triscuits.  You don’t need much else with such a yummy cheese!

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