Yama, Ventnor City NJ

Back in JUNE for my birthday, we had dinner at Yama, a Sushi Restaurant in Ventnor City, NJ (next to Atlantic City, where we stay “down the shore“).

While Yama is certainly not my favorite sushi place ever, it is pretty decent, especially for the shore.  I thought all of the sushi was really tasty and fresh.  My only complaints were that it was a little on the expensive side (I mean, for sushi, that’s like $1 or $2 more per roll… but it adds up), and the service was god awful.

The highlight of Yama, besides their amazing Tuna-Avocado Roll?  It’s BYO!  The boys bought some Sake and had a lot of fun!!

We were really excited about the BYO!

SAKE BOMB! I was too chicken to try it…

Pat (Patrice) and Regan getting ready for their Sake Bombs!

WOW, I always like to order a special roll and this one was really tasty. I love the avocado ontop!

Matt trying sushi for the FIRST TIME EVER! … he didn’t like it.

A nice assortment! Like I mentioned, amazing Tuna-Avocado roll! Look how fresh that tuna is 🙂

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