Morgan’s Pier

How can you not love a place that serves Hell Over High Watermelon?  Not only does Morgan’s Pier have my favorite beer on their menu, but they have a special drink using it… the Watermelon Ricky:  Watermelon Wheat Beer over Watermelon Simple Syrup and Lemons.

Morgan’s Pier is a new restaurant/bar in Philly overlooking the water (pier, yes got it).  Dave and I checked it out a little while ago on a really sunny afternoon.  It’s a great place to go have a drink and some snacks when it’s nice out.

The gorgeous view!

They have a few other interesting drinks to choose from, I obviously got the Watermelon Ricky, and Dave went with the Michelada:  a can of Tecate poured over their homemade spice mix, fresh squeezed lime juice, and a chile-salted rim.   We also both had to order our favorite drink- Bloody Marys when we were done those.

Gotta enjoy a good bloody mary when you’re drinking outside!

We both ordered the Blackened Tuna Burger, with an order of the Corn and Blue Crab Fritters to start off with.

Fritters and some yummy dipping sauce

The fritters were not what I was expecting, but they were really tasty.  It was hard to decide on this app with so many awesome ones to choose from, so I would probably try a different one next time.

The Blackened Tuna Burger was awesome.  It was simple but cooked perfectly.  The fries that came with our sandwiches were your typical fast food skinny fries… I could take them or leave them… definitely NWTC (not worth the calories!).

The classic sesame seed bun totally worked!

We spent the rest of the day in the city, heading over to the Italian Market.  We stopped off at DiBruno Bros, my absolute favorite place everrrrrrrrrrrrr!  They have specialty italian groceries, meats, cheeses, olives, etc etc.  They’re awesome.  We stocked up on some prosciutto, sopresatta, fresh mozzarella, manchego, and a lot more.  MMM!

Italian market… can’t wait to go back when everyone isn’t closing up!

Finally headed over to the Italian Market

MMM DiBruno Bros


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