Smitty’s Clam Bar, Somer’s Point NJ

A few things you need to know about Smitty’s Clam Bar:

There will be no less than a 1.5 hour wait to eat here.

Bring booze… everyone here will be tailgating during that 1.5 hour wait.

Dress casually.  If you aren’t already sweaty from drinking outside during your 1.5 hour wait, you will be once you sit down at your plastic-covered chairs.

Since you’re already sweaty, you might as well go all in and order Clam Chowder.  Get it mixed… as in:  1/2 Red, 1/2 White.  You won’t be disappointed.

The most important thing to know about Smitty’s:  They have the best seafood at the shore, at a great price.

Smitty’s is always one of my favorite dinners at the shore, and I’m hoping we get to go back before the season is over.  We did get to go a while back in June this year, my parents took Dave, Adam, and I.

Smitty’s is right along the bay in Somer’s Point… this is the view from the parking lot. Gorgeous!

While you’re waiting with your BYO Booze, they will come around and give you a bucked of ice and cups to use.

MMM Corona Lights!

The best parents in the world!!

The boys 🙂

After our wait, we were finally seated and ordered some apps.  We tried the fried calamari and some raw clams.  The clams are awesome here, I can always count on my dad to order a half dozen.  The calamari was fair.  I mean all fried calamari is delicious but theirs is heavily breaded.  It could have been anything in there and it would have tasted good.

The specials are always listed on white boards throughout the restaurant. They usually have some pretty interesting stuff and lots of sides to choose from.

Not my favorite type of Calamari, but it was still tasty

I happen to like RAW clams more than cooked ones! They aren’t as chewy and they aren’t as big and scary as raw Oysters.

The soup is fabulous.  You cannot go here and miss the soup, no matter how hot it is.  It’s that good.

MMMMMMMM!!!!!!! I sometimes even order a BOWL!

For our meals, Adam ordered Chicken Parm (he is a very picky eater, but is trying new things these days!), my Dad ordered the Seafood Alfredo, and Mom ordered the Broiled Seafood Combination w/ the Ginger/Garlic/Soy/Wasabi Sauce.  Both Dave and I picked the Tuna in the same Asian sauce.  Everything was fantastic, with the exception of our Tuna coming out to us completely cooked through, after requesting it to be rare.  Despite our terrible luck with service this summer, our server took them back right away and brought us an entire new platter properly cooked.

OH, I almost forgot to mention… you get to pick two sides with your meal.  The french fries come in a HEAPING pile, so if you’re craving them, totally get it!  The sides change everyday too, which is exciting to see what they come up with next.  My favorite is their corn salad which wasn’t available this particular night.

Adam’s Chicken Parm… sooooo cheesy!

Our tuna… it was a ton of meat. Loooooove Tuna. I believe this is the one that was over-cooked… I ate the next one so fast because I was starving!

Dad’s ridiculous Seafood Alfredo

Mom’s Seafood Combo came with Shrimp, Scallops, and Fish!

4 thoughts on “Smitty’s Clam Bar, Somer’s Point NJ

  1. Thanks for having this page. Enjoyed a meal there yesterday and used your page to reference our experience in a birthday email today.

  2. Beth! We go here every year with my husband’s family! My father in law has been getting the fried clams parm (with the fries and the coleslaw) for literally 50 years straight, every summer!

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