Erawan Thai

This week, I’ll share THREE different Thai Restaurants with you.

Thai is def one of my favorite foods, I could pretty much eat it every night!

Erawan Thai is in West Center City, just past the bridge on Chestnut.  Ricki (who introduces me to the best restaurants every time we go out) brought me here a few months ago, and I just had to take my boyfriend Dave back.

We don’t live too far from this side of town, so it was the perfect start to a great date night in the city.  I splurged and ordered a Thai Iced Tea to begin, and we popped open a bottle of Riesling… yes it’s BYOB!

Thai Iced Tea isn’t too good for you because of the sweetened milk, but it’s SOOOO YUMMY!

Granted, it was a Friday night and the place was packed… it still took a pretty long time for our food to come out of the kitchen.  Good thing we decided to bring the wine!

Dave ordered the Mussels for appetizer, and I went with what I always have to order:  the Papaya Salad.  Dave loved the mussels- they were huge!.. and a good Papaya salad will always make me soooo happy… YUM!

These mussels were served over ice which was a new thing to us, but they were really good, and Dave really liked the sauce.

Papaya Salad is so yummy.

Mussels: Steamed mussels in a jumbo hot pot mixed with Thai aromatic herbs and basil leaves served with lime chili sauce
Papaya Salad: Freshly shredded green papaya, carrot, tomato, green beans, and roasted peanut together with a zesty Thai sauce served with grilled shrimp on skewer

For our main dishes, we split an “extra spicy” Drunken Noodle and something new to us, the Pad Prik King (also extra spicy… duh).  While Drunken Noodle is one of our favorite Thai dishes, this one in particular from Erawan was awesome!  They did listen to us and made it super spicy, which was fun.  The serving size is also pretty big, without being too pricey.  I like!  The Pad Prik King was really good too, it was really saucy and delicious, and you can even see the pepper seeds in the sauce- so hot!

Drunken Noodles, MMM!

Our Chicken Pad Prik King

Closeup of the Pad Prik King

Drunken Noodle: Flat rice noodle stir fried with fresh garlic, Thai chili, basil leaves, bell peppers, onion simmered in house sauce
Pad Prik King: This peppery wok dish is infused with sautéed string beans & kaffir lime leaves, bell pepper in Prik king chili sauce

Erawan’s prices are pretty much just a tad below average for Thai in the city, but they do have Lunch and Dinner specials.  Also, you’re definitely always saving money when you go to a BYOB.  We also totally appreciate a place that actually makes your dishes spicy when you ask for it.  I loved Erawan and after having two great meals there, it’s on my list!

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