A fan of It’s Good to be the Cook on Facebook (Like it if you haven’t yet!!), Brianne asked this question: “What do you do for lunch at work? Do you make anything special that can handle a commute?”

Thanks Brianne, you rock!

Lunchtime during the week is my time to “be good” on my diet.  I try to be very consistent and listen to my dietitian.

Here’s what I suggest and try to do myself:

1.  Breakfast.  8-9am.  I know you didn’t ask about breakfast, but it’s almost more important than lunch!  I was told to kick my favorite “Fiber One Oats & Chocolate” Bars to the side, as they are filled with sugar.  Fine.  Instead, I’ve been eating Kashi Go Lean (NOT crunch) and skim milk.  Kashi Go Lean is high in protein which is awesome.  I measure it out, 1 cup + 1/2 cup of skim milk.  At first it took a while to get used to the lack of milk, but I like it now since it lets most of the cereal stay nice and crunchy.  Add berries, or a banana.  

2.  Lunch.  12-12:30pm.  Don’t let 4 hours go between each meal.  Normally, for lunch I pack a turkey sandwich.  I use 2 slices of light wheat bread (or 1 slice if I have a specialty bread that is not light).  If you like mustard, pile it on.  I actually don’t, so I use Kraft’s Reduced Fat Olive Oil Mayo, and I measure out one teaspoon.  It’s only 1 point on WW, and will not do any damage.  If you have any, add a sliced tomato, lettuce, roasted reds, or anything else exciting.  Honesetly, most of the time I just have bread, mayo, and turkey.  I was measuring my turkey until I got so used to it I didn’t have to… but one good serving is 3oz.  You’ll be surprised how much that is!  You could also do a honey ham, chicken breast, or roast beef to change things up a bit.  Wrap in foil.  Eat w/ a side of fruit:  Peach, Apple, Banana, Berries... whatever.

Check out that delish Wegman’s Marathon Bread! Since it was’t a light bread today, I only use one slice (which also makes for less mayo!) and pile the turkey on.

Here’s my lunch for today! Sandwich, Carrots, 1 Wedge of Blue Cheese Laughing Cow, and some Cantaloupe


3.  Snack.  2:30-3pm.  If you’re like me and eat dinner late, eating a healthy snack is super important.  Try to have a Fiber and a Protein in your snack.  This can be a veggie and some cheese, some almonds, or my personal favorite:  Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese.  John the dietitian got me OBSESSED with this stuff.  I buy PLAIN, NONFAT either Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese, in a big container.  The night before, I take a small tupperware and measure out either 1 Cup of Greek Yogurt (again, it’s a TON) or 1/2 Cup of Cottage Cheese.  Then, I measure in 1 Tablespoon of All Fruit Jelly (any flavor but I love the Apricot, Strawberry, Raspberry, or Blackberry.  Don’t recommend grape!) and sometimes 1 Tablespoon of Wheat Germ or Ground Flax.  You shouldn’t be hungry after eating this!  Mix it all together once you are ready to eat, it’s amazing.  Sometimes I add raspberries in the mix too.

Here’s some FF Greek Yogurt (about 1/2 Cup today) with 1 Tbsp of Jam. After sitting overnight, it becomes a little bit watery, you just have to stir and it will be perfect.

If you prepare your meals ahead of time and bring them into work, you’re more likely to save money and calories by not ordering out or going to the vending machine.  Small Tupperware, foil, and baggies are clutch, and I just portion out everything the night before.

I hope this helps, Brianne!  Thank you for asking 🙂

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