Philadelphia Phillies Diamond Club Experience

So, Penn State football starts their monumental first season without Joe Paterno with a big 0-2 record.  BOO.

The Eagles season started today, and I could not wait this year.  First of all, this is my FIRST year in a fantasy football league.  I joined with my friend Sarah and 10 other girls from PennState.  I know nothing about the NFL and I’m hoping this will teach me!  I’m counting on the Eagles for a lot this year… right now, mainly because…

Phillies games are ruined forever.

This isn’t because anything bad happened.  It isn’t because they have had a mediocre (which may as well be considered terrible) season.  Phillies games are ruined forever because last week, Adam, Dave, and I had tickets in the Diamond Club.  O.M.G.  Talk about being pampered.

WOO! Check out those seats!

The first thing you need to know is that with these tickets, all food and drinks are free.  EVERYTHING in the whole stadium.  You get access to a special “Diamond Club Only” restaurant area with carving stations, salad bar, fish tacos, ice cream, etc etc.  Our seats even got us into an even more VIP seating area.  We could see the team in batting practice while we shoved our faces with food.  Did I say OMG?

Here’s a few of the food stations.

Our seats were in the 2nd row, just to the left of the Phillies dugout.  I could see the veins on Chase Utley’s arms while he was up to bat.  WOW.  You’d have to ask one of the boys to tell you about the game we saw, what happened, who hit the homeruns, and even who pitched.  While I normally would pay attention to these details, there was just too much fun foodie stuff going on for me to concentrate!

We had beautiful weather and our seats were so amazing

When we arrived, we ate at the restaurant.  Adam and his friend tried the steaks and burgers, I had a pulled pork slider and the salad bar to start.  Dave picked up a few fish tacos and we thought we were done… but the waitress came back to our table equipped with a MINI-CUPCAKE SAMPLER.  They were amazing!  I never would have guessed this kind of food was from a ballpark.

Fish tacos at a baseball game?!

Pick-Your-Own Topping Burger and homemade chips

Canoli, Vanilla, and Red Velvet Mini-Cupcakes… MMMMMMMMMMM

Once we reached our seats, a server was waiting for us to take our drink order.  We also could order any kind of concession food from her which would be brought out right to our seats.  How amazing is that?

Our restaurant area also included a concession area where you could order soft pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and my favorite:  soft serve ice cream in a plastic baseball hat.  MMMM!

The weather was perfect too, and we had an awesome afternoon.  We even snuck a few pictures ontop of the dugout!

Two years ago, I attended the game where Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter in the first game of the playoffs.  Now, this year, I sit in row 2 of the Diamond Club?  No Phillies game will EVER compare!!!

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