Trader’s Tots

I’ve been on a major breakfast potato kick lately.  I’ve been dying to make my Breakfast Baked Potato again!  Last month, I made the BEST breakfast I’ve ever made (unfortunately, it was when Dave was in Vancouver and I was all alone) using Trader Joe’s Shredded Potatoes.

Last weekend, I decided to try TJ’s Potato Tots instead.  They are awesome.  I cooked up these babies along with some scrambled eggs and bacon.  Potatoes make the whole breakfast process take more time, but they are well worth it.  One of my fav blogs, “What’s Good at Trader Joe’s” gave these Tots 10 out of 10, something i RARELY see them do!

You can cook these in the oven, but I recommend doing them in a skillet with some oil.  I have personally been using Sunflower Seed Oil (also from TJ’s), but Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil will do just fine.

Get the oil nice and hot and carefully add the potatoes.  They might splatter just a little depending on how much ice flakes are on there.  Mine weren’t too bad.  Let them cook in the oil for like 5-8 minutes, then season them with Salt/Pepper/Smoked Paprika/Garlic… anything your little heart desires.  Carefully flip them over and cook the other side for 5-8 minutes.  I seasoned this side as well, but that all depends on how you like them!  I also prefer mine to be pretty crispy so I kept them cooking just a little longer before removing them onto some paper towels to dab off the grease.

These Tots are simple but taste really yummy.  They’re a great shortcut if you don’t have the time to cut up fresh potatoes and deal with all of that kind of stuff (like me!).

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