Sabrina’s Cafe

Dave and I have spent the last month apartment hunting with our friend Adam.  It’s not easy, and it’s been a ton of work.  We’re lucky that we’re on no serious time crunch, because there arent that many place in our budget to choose from!  We have yet to find a place that is both right in price and all of the details we’re looking for.  I’ll keep you posted, and I’m SURE you’ll know when the three of us finally move out!

Last week, we had an appointment to see a place in Old City late Saturday morning.  (this was a few days before Dave broke his ankle!) Dave and I got up super early to get to my gym- he goes to lift and I take my Powerstrike kickboxing class, then we meet up for spin class.  What a great workout.  We showered, and wanted to head out into the city early since it was such a gorgeous day.

A few people have told me about Sabrina’s Cafe before and when I knew we’d be driving downtown in the area, I had to check it out on Yelp and give it a try.  Sabrina’s has a few locations but we went to the one in the Art Museum area.  They are known for their long waits during brunch… a sure sign the food is awesome.

When we arrived at Sabrina’s, we were told there was going to be a 15 minute wait.  The first great thing about this place is that we ended up only waiting maybe 4 minutes.  Score!  Our server was very nice and attentive.  Sabrina’s also serves my second favorite coffee (nothing beats illy), La Colombe… iced… in HUGE cups.  Love love love love love!!!

The menu is ridiculous.  Everything is interesting.  This place reminds me of somewhere Guy Fieri would visit on TripleD.  It just seems that every single item on the menu has a lot of thought and time put into it.  So many details… all of this made it nearly impossible for ME to decide what to eat.

Dave and I both ordered off of the daily specials menu which of course, has changed by now so I don’t remember the names.  But I DO remember what was in it… these were two of the most impressive breakfasts I’ve ever eaten.

Dave:  Breakfast Sandwich with:  a Broccoli Rabe Omelette, Chorizo Sausage, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Hot Pepper Jam on a Sarcone Roll.  WOW.  I mean, just look at this… it’s not like your typical egg sandwich.  This is an OMELETTE in a sandwich.  Wow.

Beth:  Egg White Omelette with Caramelized Onions and Roasted Red Peppers, stuffed with Sriracha-Avocado Cream Cheese.  Whatttttttttttt?  What was it stuffed with??  Yes.  Sriracha-Avocado Cream Cheese.  I’m jotting that one down… I have to try to make it someday.


Check. Out. Dave’s. Sandwich. OMG!

Broccoli Rabe in an Omelette. I mean seriously… wow.

My Omelette… humongous. Fab potatoes… LeBus Multigrain bread… side of perfectly cooked bacon? YES PLEASE!

Alright, Mr. DeMille… I’m ready for my closeup


Absolutely everything we ate was ridiculously amazing.  The potatoes were perfect, and probably one of the best breakfast potatoes out there.  Dave even loved Sabrina’s… the same guy who complained that I was walking through the city with my head down on my phone Yelp-ing my way to find the most PERFECT place to eat.  He admitted he was happy I remembered to try Sabrina’s.  We loved it.  I cannot wait to go back.

After a summer of terrible service experiences, Sabrina’s stood out in every way possible.  We’ll be coming back very soon and probably many more times!




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