Lunchtime Tuesday Week 4

I will warn you, that in trying to eat more than just a boring Turkey Sandwich for lunch, I’ve created a totally random meal.  Even though it was really random, it was so yummy!  Here are the facts:

1.  This entire meal only cost me just <250 calories.

2.  This lunch clocks in at just under 30 grams of Protein, with under 10 grams of fat!

3.  Great way to use leftovers!

I made two great-big salads for Dave and I last night.  While I was putting them together, I put some ingredients aside for lunch today.  First of all, a great idea is to cook ALL of your chicken you buy at the store.  I had purchased 4 breasts, used 2 for dinner and 2 I saved for lunches.

Next, before serving the roasted veggies I made for dinner, I put a scoopful of Roasted Yellow Squash aside for lunch.  Had i not done that, we probably would have eaten it (even though we were stuffed!).  I also brought in 1/2 of an avocado that we didn’t finish for the salad.  Keep the nut/seed in the avocado and put it in a plastic baggy in the fridge.  It will last and stay green until the next day.  I used 1/4 of this to eat with my chicken and gave the other 1/4 away to my co-worker.  Avocado is healthy but only in small portions.

Finally, today’s lunch was finished up with 1/2 of a cucumber sliced (again, thank you leftovers from my salad!) which I ate with a Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedge.  This was a nice change-up from my normal carrots for snack, and since it was still healthy, I can eat the carrots later if I want!

I’m totally still looking for some more healthy lunch suggestions out there… post if you have any to share!

Today’s cute puppy picture is in honor of my new Son-in-Law Puppy To-Be Marty who Mer & Mike are picking up today!  He is a Wheaten Terrier (just like the guy on the top of this post) and he is going to be Stelly’s boyfriend!

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