California Tortilla

I was spoiled rotten my Junior summer of Penn State when I lived a block away from Belly Buster Burrito.  Belly Buster Burrito was similar to Qdoba/Chipotle, etc… but it wasn’t a chain.  It was owned by the nicest man who was always behind the counter putting together our burritos and nachos… and most importantly- he didn’t charge extra for Guacamole.  Loved him.  Obviously.  

Besides enjoying the satisfaction of sticking it to “the man” (McDonalds) and not ordering from Chipotle, everything was better about Belly Buster Burrito.  The price, the quality of the food, the ingredients, the menu, the service, just about everything.  They even had Diet Dr. Pepper “on tap” with free refills and free wifi.  I miss this place.  

Sadly, Belly Buster closed down sometime after I graduated (:(:(:() which was a huge disappointment.  I’ve tried the chain burrito places, and none of them do it for me.  My fast-food Mexican cravings soon subsided (you’re crazy if you’re thinking TacoBell) and I finally accepted the fact that I was never again going to enjoy another Make-Your-Own burrito.  That was… until Dave discovered California Tortilla.

Cue the heavenly choir sound effect… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The first thing you need to know about California Tortilla is that they have a “Wall of Flame”.  Yup.  They have an entire wall of ranked hot sauces with 75+ varieties.  OMG.  How much fun?  Also, have you seen any of those new spaceship-like soda machines?  Yup, CA Tortilla has those too.  It’s so much fun!  You can pick any type of soda (and so many diet ones too) and add your own flavor.  I obviously stare at this thing for a good 5 minutes before deciding on some type of Diet Dr. Pepper- already beats Belly Buster in one category!

The “Wall of Flame” so many to choose from!

Okay so now onto the food-  they have fresh ingredients, and many of them.  They have a bunch of different options and pre-put together meal ideas that are pretty interesting.  You can get almost anything you want in a burrito, a burrito bowl (everything in a bowl, no tortilla), or a salad (everything in a bowl, no tortilla + a bed of lettuce).  Oh, and then you get to smother whatever it is you decide to get with tons of hot sauce!

Okay I gave in and got cheese on it… but it was sooooooooooo good!

The California Tortilla location that Dave and I went to is right before we get to Delaware (we go there to shop, tax free!).  Not too long ago when I took a few days off of work for some vacay, we went to my new love- CA Tortilla.  We both got whatever was on special- I know it had spicy chicken, and I know it had mango and black beans involved.  Delish.

Why the sad face when I’m eating a delicious Burrito Bowl in my new favorite fast-food Mexican spot?  I put WAY too much SPICY Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce ALL over it!  😦  Oh well!  I learned my lesson for next time 🙂

6 thoughts on “California Tortilla

  1. @itsgoodtobethecook Did you know that Caltort also raises money for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign every year? Not only do they have awesome food but they are helping to end childhood hunger in America! THEY ROCK!

  2. @Itsgoodtobethecook.. Now you need to have a competition with your friends to see how many reward dollars you can rack up. I’m currently leading my co-workers with $45 dollars! lol It’s a fun competition AND you get to eat tons of awesome food and hotsauce!

    PS.. WE ARE……

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