Indoor Tailgate

A few weeks after starting this blog, we ended up one ticket short for the Penn State Hockey team game at Citizens Bank Park which was iced-over for the Winter Classic.  In an attempt to be a good girlfriend (and keep myself warm) I gave my ticket to Dave’s friend and let the boys go to the game together.  I spent the time in McFaddens, the bar attached to the park and watched whatever sporting event was on.  Besides being totally bored and alone, I was bundled up head-to-toe having expected to be outside all night.  It sucked.  

I had just started dieting, so I didn’t want to order any food.  Why when you’re dieting does everyone around you eat french fries?!  WHY?!  I remember the smell literally torturing me as I sat there alone with a Diet Coke watching everyone around me eat their fries and get rowdy.  I was starting to hate the decision to be a nice girlfirend.  

The table next to me was occupied by a group of six college-aged kids.  Since when did I get so old that I would look at these kids and automatically become irritated?  Ew.  Anyway, one of the girls at this table did NOT look okay.  I sat there observing her, and she could hardly hold her head up.  Swaying trying to keep herself upright while texting, (so super important at the moment, I’m sure) she looks up at me then back down at her shoes and pukes ALL over the place.  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  The smell of fries was soon replaced and I had to get out of there.  Dave received a not-so-sweet-good-girlfriend text and we left for the night.  

I proceeded to bitch for the next twenty minutes of our car ride home, first about Dieting, then about French Fries, and finally ending with Drunk College Girls.  F*** it all!  Dave suggested to me that my new blog should have a section for “Rants”, where I could say F*** whatever I wanted and get out all of my frustrations.  Here you are, Dave and friends… my very first RANT on It’s Good to be the Cook:  Gym Bathrooms.

Dear Ladies at the Gym,  

Could you please learn how to LOCK your bathroom stall door?  I’d appreciate not walking in on you (and I’m sure you would too) at least once a day.  While you’re at it, you should also learn how to flush the toilet and take a lesson or two on making it into the toilet, not just around the general area.  Thanks!  -Beth

UGH!  That feels better.  

Now I feel like I can move on and tell you about the most fun indoor tailgate ever (well it was my first and it was awesome).  Mer and Mike of Moho Creative- your trusty wedding videographers (see this and one of their highlight videos, I dare you not to tear up!) threw a pretty sweet indoor tailgate in their apartment last weekend for the Penn State v Temple football game.

Not only did Mike put up a tent inside their apartment, but we had a ton of great drinks (how many bottles of rum?!) and grub.

Did I forget to mention the ice-globes?! Balls of ice… very cool.

Mike & Mer cooked up a batch of their chili which we topped off with some sour cream and cheddar.  It was perfect!  I’ll be stealing that recipe sometime…

They also made Sweet and Sour meatballs.  MMM!

If you remember, Dave made some guacamole and we put together this Jalapeno Popper Dip!

Heather brought over deliciously addictive Iced Pumpkin Cookies too.

We not only celebrated the big PSU win, but we sang Happy Birthday to Tracie and Mer with a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Mike and Mer have the most gorgeous views of some Philly landmarks and we had a mini-Instagram battle #PhillySunBattle.  Fun.

We’ll be watching this week’s Penn State game at their apartment again, but without Mike and Mer!  They got a puppy this week and Dave, Stella, and I will be puppy sitting 🙂  His name is Marty and I can’t wait to show you pictures of my new Puppy-In-Law?  (he and Stelly will get married soon. Obviously.).

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