Foxfire Restaurant at the Stone Barn

I am hating Thursdays lately.  Since Dave broke his ankle, I have to pick him up from his hockey coaching gig in the city.  I have been able to have a small crappy workout, shower at the gym, then head down into Philly to grab him at 7.  It’s a seriously unproductive day and I’m exhausted and all-drived-out once it’s all said and done.

I do get to see some pretty gorgeous sunsets from the view of the Ice Rink at Penn. 🙂

With all of this being said, one would guess I wasn’t the happiest camper when Dave wanted to take me out to a surprise dinner last Thursday night, an hour away.  My initial irritations were completely invalidated when we arrived at Foxfire at the Stone Barn.  The surprise restaurant is located, like I said, an hour away in Kennett Square PA (the mushroom capital!).  We were racing the clock to get there before 8 when they stop seating for dinner.  I had no idea what was in store for me- winding our way (with my gas on E… oye) through the last twenty minutes of farmland, we finally arrived at the Stone Barn.  Did Dave really discover this place?  In the middle of nowhere?

Immediately, I was soooo excited… Is the restaurant on this farm?  Is it like… farm to table!?  Dave laughed at me, but yes, the hidden gem on the farm indeed is a farm to table style restaurant.  Love.

Foxfire Restaurant at the Stone Barn is a BYO (yesssssssssssss) that is open for dinner Thursday-Sunday.  They typically do a 5-Course meal for $32– which is an AWESOME deal… but for their 2 year anniversary, the 5-Course meal is only $25/pp in Sept and Oct… INCLUDING a complimentary glass of wine 🙂 How did he find out about this place?!  This is normally my job… you know… doing some research online and on Yelp and finding the most perfect restaurant… not Dave’s!  Well the one good thing about Dave going out with the boys after breaking his leg playing hockey is this:  his teammate Chuck told him about the restaurant where he works: Foxfire.  Here we are.  Thank you Dave and thank you Chuck.

Our meal started off with an Amuse Bouche.  Am I judging an episode of Top Chef here?  What’s going on?  Thankfully, I do pay attention when I’m watching my shows, and know that an Amuse Bouche is a single bite-sized starter from the chef.  Ours was a flavorful explosion of Fig, Balsamic, and Blue Cheese.  MMMM!  It was presented to us in an eggshell.  How cute.

How cute is the little plate it came in?


For our starters, I ordered Chef Ray’s famous Kennett Square Exotic Mushroom Soup, topped with Jarlsberg.  It. Was. Heavenly.  OMG. He is famous for his soup and I totally get why.  You have to try it.  It’s super creamy and flavorful, full of mushrooms too.  Like, every bite had some in there.  Dave picked the Foxfire Salad of Romaine Heart which was drizzled with Black Pepper Parm Dressing, Roasted Tomatoes, and a Grilled Garlic Flat Bread.  Besides being beautifully presented, the salad was delicious and sooo fresh and crunchy.

A HUGE portion of Mushroom Soup

As if we weren’t excited enough about our entrees, Chuck brought over two just-made Popovers with Raspberry Butter.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Popovers?  We get to eat this… as apart of our meal!?  YUMMMMMM!  They were sooo amazing!  You can see how light and flaky they were, and the Raspberry Butter was different and it was perfect after our savory starters.  I loved this part!

Steamy hot! Almost couldn’t wait to tear open this thing and dip it in the Raspberry Butter.

MMM Popoverrrrrr

Next was a small scoopful of Berry Sorbet with Mint before our entrees arrived.  Now you get to drool over our entrees… and I know you will.  Let’s start off with Dave’s order:  the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake.  Sidebar:  Okay so I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a server about Crabcakes… they say that their Crabcake has “no filler”, and then it comes out and totally does.  I am so turned off of ordering Crabcakes for this very reason.  Well when Chuck told us this about Chef Ray’s Crabcakes, he was NOT lying.  Like, this dish is Gluten Free.  They get to that that, because it literally has NO filler.  None.  It was more like a humongous pile of seasoned crab meat.  Uhhhhh droooooollling!  The Crab Cake is actually put together with Scallop Mousse (is Chef Ray going to be on Top Chef?  Seriously.  Mousse.) and served with Roasted Potatoes, Haricot Verts (explained to Dahv that they are just green beans), and a Citrus Beurre Blanc Sauce.  I need to relax- I want to eat this again NOW!  What an amazing dish.

I want this now… hungryyyy!

Dave was saving his last bite! He didn’t want it to end…


Moving on.  My pick:  Maine Lobster (I should just stop there, right?) Risotto:  tossed with Lancaster County Sweet Corn and Saffron Risotto.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Ah-May-Zing.  Everything. Is. Just. So. Creamy!!!!!  Delicious!  Oh, and how adorable is the presentation?  It looked like a Lobster 🙂 I’m pretty sure I smiled every single bite I took.  Whoa.

Lobster Risotto

Just take a look at that bite. OMGGG


We loved, loved, LOVED, it all.  I think we ate extra slow because we didn’t want it to end!  Dave was even saving his last bite until I was finished so he wouldn’t get jealous.  It was just an unbelievable meal.  But wait, there’s dessert.  We got the Creme Brulee and the Chocolate Lava Cake (which is made by their special pastry chef… to order.).  Do I mind waiting for the Lava Cake?  Nope!  Ahhhh drooooolinggggg againnnnnnnn!  This cake is a girl’s dream.

Creme Brulee


MMMMM Lavaaaaa


So, if you didn’t get it the first hundred times I’ve said it, let me just reinforce the fact that I LOVED THIS PLACE!!  I have already suggested we go back, and I would say we most likely will be before the $25 deal is over… and probably after that too.  If you’re in the area, you have to go check it out.  Go with your family, go with your friends, go on a date… whatever you do just go.  Foxfire has ridiculously fresh and delicious food, a warm, cozy, but adorable rustic atmosphere, and top-notch service.  Besides having Chuck as our server (who told us the entire history of the farm, the restaurant, and Chef Ray… the only thing we didn’t know is the name of the Lobster I ate!) the rest of the staff was polite and attentive- our water was full the entire meal.  SO- go here, ask for Chuck, and send your regards to Chef Ray because he’s THE MAN!  Oh, and take me with you.  I want to go back, like, now.

(we had just downloaded the upgrade for the Iphone which lets you take Panoramas… I tried it out!)

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