Sang Kee Asian Bistro, Wynnewood PA

Sang Kee Asian Bistro in Wynnewood, PA:

This restaurant is probably Dave’s favorite Chinese place.  And that’s saying a lot.  Dave is obsessed with Chinese food… and well pretty much any Asian food.  (Okay, I am too… lol)

He says he could eat it every night of the week, but we try to only eat it once a week or once every other week to be healthier.  Sang Kee isn’t our typical take-out or even sit-in Chinese place.  We normally go somewhere else closer to home, where we’re the only ones there and you can get an Egg Roll, Soup, Dish, and Fried Rice for like $9 total.  This place isn’t SangKee… Sang Kee is special.

Sang Kee is what I’d classify as more of an “upscale” Asian dining experience.  While they do have Hot and Sour Soup… it isn’t gloopy (you know what I mean…) and it has Chicken in it instead of Pork.  Freakin’ amazing.  Sang Kee’s Lo-Mein is probably one of the best things ever, and it does NOT taste like the soy-sauce covered spaghetti you’re used to.  Again, freakin’ amazing.

The last time Dave and I went to Sang Kee, we tried a few new items for us:  the Chicken with Oriental Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, the Kung Pow Chicken… and of course two bowls of our very favorite Hot and Sour Soup.

You can even tell it’s different by looking at it!

Chicken w/ Eggplant in Garlic Sauce

Kung Pow Chicken


All of our dishes were fantastic.  I really enjoy ordering Eggplant in Chinese food since it is cooked perfectly and soaks up all of the yummy sauces.  The Kung Pow Chicken was also so delish and we really liked that it came with some veggies, which normally isn’t common in KPC.

While you might spend $10 more at Sang Kee than your typical Chinese Takeout spot… you will certainly be making up for it by having a better experience in a nice, clean restaurant with excellent service.  Check out these pics, the serving sizes are huge!  The food is always fresh and the sauces are too- something that is rare when it comes to Chinese Food.  Two thumbs up!

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