“Green” Spinach Smoothie

Okay I finally gave into the “Green” Smoothie madness.  Everyone everywhere has been all over Green Smoothies for a while now, and I have been way too intimidated and freaked out by them to try.

Oh yeah… I’ve also been too freaked out by Kale to give that a whirl too.  My boss’s wife convinced me to try to make Kale Chips (if he eats it I know it has to be good)… which was a huge disaster.  They were either burnt or wet and not crispy.  They tasted bitter and chewy.  I think I actually gagged on a piece before I tossed the entire tray.  Gross.

Fresh Kale! My failed attempt at Kale Chips.

For now, a Spinach Smoothie will have to be Green enough for me.  While Kale has these Top 10 Health Benefits:  

Low in Calories/High in Fiber/Zero Fat, Iron, Vitamin K, Antioxidants, Omega 3’s, it can lower cholesterol, it’s high in Vitamin A, C, and Calcium, and finally… it is known to be a great “detox” food.

Spinach has these 11 Health Benefits:

Good for your diet, prevents cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidents, lowers blood pressure, it is good for your immunity, skin, bones, and vision, and the Vitamin K in it helps the process of calcification and brain and nervous functions.


Whew!  All of this healthy green talk has got me wanting more now!


My First Spinach Smoothie


1 Banana

1 Kiwi

1/2 cup Frozen Mango Chunks (Trader Joe’s… great purchase)

1 HEAPING Tablespoon Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt 

1/4 Cup Juice (any kind!  I used apricot-peach because we had some in the house)

2 cups or handfuls of Fresh Spinach


I like to put my fresh fruit first (banana and kiwi) into the blender.  Then, I put the frozen fruit, yogurt, and juice.  Top it off with the spinach.  It took about 30 seconds or a minute of blending for the spinach to make its way down into the smoothie.  Blend for another minute or two or until the spinach is broken up in the smoothie.  Enjoy!

Smoothie Sunday… I think I will!

Sippin’ my smoothie and readin’ my Rachael Ray… LOVE Sunday Mornings.



Okay, so the results were great.  I really liked it!  I like to surprise myself sometimes when I try things I think I’ll hate but end up liking them.  This was one of those times… now I know why everyone’s doin’ the Green Smoothie thing.  It’s great!

While I’m talking here, my co-worker Lori came in and shared a sip of her Kale Smoothie with me… I like those too! 🙂  Thanks Lori!



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