Day by Day, Rittenhouse Sq Philly

Apparently I’m on a brunch tour of Philly.  While I’m loving it, it totally isn’t on purpose.  Or maybe it is.  First, Dave and I have ventured to Fairmount @ Sabrina’s, Northern Liberties @ Green Eggs Cafe & Silk City, and now this past weekend we found our way to the Rittenhouse Square area for a BYOB brunch at Day by Day.

My first impression of Day by Day was not exactly a great one.  My large group of 7 called and put our name on the list and was told to arrive at 12:30 (an hour wait).  We arrived at 12:30 on the dot and was told the wait would be another 30 minutes.  BOO!  We were starving.  After taking a deep breath and rubbing my grumbling tummy, my day (by day) was immediately brightened  by something called an “Apple Jawn”.  How Philly.  Adorable.  One of our friends saw that you could purchase pastries to go, so he bought us one of their Apple Fritters (Jawn, duh) and Iced Cinnamon Buns to split while we were waiting.  They were sweet, sticky, and so so good.  Iced pastries are definitely enough to keep me patient.

Outdoor Pastries while we waited… the perfect touch.

Everyone dig in!

Part of our group 🙂 These are the clowns I was telling you about from my Israel Trip! What a great weekend.

Soon after we finished attacking the pastries like vultures, we were called in for our table.  Day by Day is a BYOB spot, so we brought along a big bottle of champagne, some vodka and bloody mary mix.  We got a pitcher of fresh squeezed OJ to go along (only $10 for the entire thing, which was surprising) and started off on our drinks.  OH- how could I forget to mention, they serve my absolute fav La Columbe coffee.  In heaven.

Cups and cups and cups! Coffee, water, OJ, Bloody Mary, etc.

To start off, after ogling at the special menu posted outside, we all decided to split the Pumpkin Stuffed Challah French Toast.  “HOLLA”!  It was ridiculous.  YUMMMMM!  It was def too decadent for one person to eat, so each of us having a 1/2 of a slice was perfect.

Pumpkin Stuffed Challah French Toast… say whatttt?

So good!

I went against everything I believe in about brunch and ordered a lunch item.  Gasp!  I went with the BLT w/ Horseradish Mayo.  The sandwich comes as is for only $6.50, which is ridiculous for the amount of food you get.  They give you an option of +Avocado and +Fried Egg for $1 each.  Yes please!  They actually forgot my avocado, but once I saw the sandwich, it was all okay… it is freakin’ huge.  I had to eat the thing with a fork and knife.

Somehow this is considered a sandwich! My BLT w/ HorseyMayo

This only lasted one bite! But it sure did look good.

Dave ordered what I thought was the best thing I tried there; the Chorizo & Sweet Potato Hash.  OMG.  It’s even better than it sounds, and you can add Scrambed or Fried Eggs on top of that too.

The Chorizo Sweet Potato Hash w/ Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Some other notable decisions were the Potato Pancake Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs, Huevos Rancheros, and even just their Omelettes looked amazing.

So pretty- Smoked Salmon, Potato Latke Benedict

Our server was very attentive, good with coffee refills, and patient with our general 7-people-at-a-table obnoxiousness that comes with my group of friends.   He also happened to be wearing this Bill Murray shirt so we liked him even more:

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