Lunchtime Tuesday, Week 7

Well, there’s a reason the last Lunchtime Tuesday I wrote for you was almost an entire month ago:  I am no longer eating lunch!

Before you get your panties in a twist, “Beth you have to eat!”  Yeah, I know I do… if you’ve been paying attention at all: HELLO, I LOVE FOOD!  Hear me out:  I mentioned last week that I have been trying to lose another 5 pesky pounds that I just cannot get movin’ on.  My trusty dietitian,  John (commonly referred to on here as “John the Dietitian”.  Yup, I’m creative) motivated me to try something new.

That something new wasn’t exactly a welcome idea over here.  John suggested that I switch up my breakfast (new recipe here, looooving it) and replace my typical lunch with a protein drink.  I not only thought that protein drinks would gag me out, blech… but there was no question in my mind that I’d be left starving and wanting “real” food.

I am super pleased to finally report that I was wrong.  I was totally wrong.  I can do it!  And I have.  Not only has this saved me time and stress packing lunch the night before, but it has absolutely helped me to lose 2 pounds already!  I am seriously full after lunch, and sometimes don’t even feel like I need a snack between lunch and workout (something I ALWAYS did before).

A big part of why I love my new plan is because I found a seriously delicious protein drink.  If you’re going to try this out at any point, you should find Calnaturale’s Svelte.  The taste is amazing, I have tried all 4 flavors and really enjoy each of them (Cappuccino & Vanilla are my favs!).  Here’s a little info about what’s inside:


1 16oz Drink (Chocolate)

260 Calories

10g Fat

9g Sugar

8g Fiber

16g Protein

It’s Organic, Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free in four flavors:  Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino, and (wait for it…) Spiced Chai.  YUM.

Flavor of the day! Happy Tuesday people!

Not too bad, right?  I love it!  I originally was going to just do this lunchtime makeover for the remainder of the month of October, but I’m still goin’ strong!

OH, and please let me mention that I will fully endorse ANY food that tells me I’m “Lookin’ Good”.  Just putting that one out there, people.

What are you having for lunch today?

Here are some new puppy pics for you 🙂

Mr. Marty is getting so big! We love playing with this fuzzy little guy 🙂

Stelly smiles for the camera! Is she a cutie, or what?


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