Koo Zee Doo

Sometimes I feel like I’m way too easily impressed.  Why do I like “love” everything food-related? Is it a good thing?  Am I not judgmental enough (again, we’re talking strictly food here)?  Am I sometimes being too nice or hopeful?

I recently got to thinking (Oh, how Carrie Bradshaw of me)… does this affect my credibility as a blogger?  How can people trust my judgement on a new restaurant when all of the ones I write about I am practically raving?  Do you people really believe me and understand just how good Trader Joe’s Fig Butter is (I cant live without it)???  Or do you think it’s just another TJ’s product that I happen to LOVE?!

Before I started to reach the deep dark nitty gritty realm of self questioning that could go on here… I stopped myself… maybe I’m just going to some really awesome restaurants??  Could that be true?  Maybe I just pick out some great items on a menu, put the best TJ’s products in my cart, and am really good at cooking.  Is that possible?  I think so!  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

The reason I’m choosing to divulge all of this ‘ness with you is because of the next statement I’m about to make:

Koo Zee Doo (subject of today’s post, naturally) is one of my favorite meals I’ve ever eaten in my life!  

I swear!  (Maybe second to the dinner buffet at the Bellagio in Vegas)

This BYOB in Northern Liberties has it all, great atmosphere, service, and of course FOOD.  We went to Koo Zee Doo a few weeks ago when we spent some time with our friends from our Israel trip.  We were able to make reservations for a big table of 6 and were seated right away.

The homemade bread on the table was really tasty and they also served us a bowl of these little beans (which I’ve just Yelp-Stalked to find out they are pickled ivory tremoços beans).

Koo Zee Doo’s menu is meant to be shared family-style, which was so fun with the group of 6 (my “Taglit Family”) since we all LOVE food and trying new things.  We decided to order 4 apps, 1 salad, and 3 entrees.  (BIG EYES!?!?)

Our group and a scene from the open kitchen

Our group and a scene from the open kitchen

photo 1 (82)

We started off with a few apps:

Our server recommended the Fricassé de Polvo or the Octopus gravy.  I’ve actually never tried Octopus before so I was really excited.  The Octopus came with Chorizo in what is probably the best tasting sauce ever.  Whoa.  We sopped up every last drop of it with the yummy bread.  This was probably my favorite dish of the night… but then again, I think they all were!

I'll take another bowl of the Octopus Gravy, please!

I’ll take another bowl of the Octopus Gravy, please!

How could something so simple be SO GOOD?!  Next came the Shrimp with Hot Sauce” or the Camarão com Piri Piri.  The Shrimp were surrounded in a super spicy sauce with a charred lemon on top.  If you don’t believe how good this sauce was, ask Dave… this was his first time in years ever eating shrimp on purpose.  I was in shock, to say the least.

photo 2 (80)

We also tried one of the specials, a pocket of fried deliciousness with spicyness and sweet potatoes.  Since it was on the special menu, I forgot to write it down (duh)… but it was really tasty.  So were the Potato & Salt Cod Croquettes (Pastéis de Bacalhau) which was next up on the list.

.... told ya... fried deliciousness, how could we pass this one up?!

…. told ya… fried deliciousness, how could we pass this one up?!

Potato and Cod Croquettes

Potato and Cod Croquettes

As if this wasn’t enough food, we saved the best for last with the Salada de Marisco, the Spicy Seafood Salad which came with tons of fresh seafood, hearts of palm, orange, and watercress.  The dressing was soooooo good, light but super spicy, and rivals my favorite spicy seafood salad from my family’s favorite Thai restaurant.  Crazy.

I want this spicy salad now!

I want this spicy salad now!

After we shoved our faces with the delicious fried potato and cod balls sopped our bread into the gravy, hot sauce, and dressing… it was time for the entrees.  (Unbutton jeans here).

First came the Steak- Bife à Portuguesa , served with a fried egg and a huge pile of potatoes.  The steak was outstanding, but I’d leave these potatoes in a heartbeat to have another taste of the mashed potatoes which were served alongside the Lulas Estufadas (what I’d like to call… Calamari on Calamari).  Oh my gosh!  These taters are SO WORTH THE CALORIES!  This dish included not only fried squid but braised squid in a cumin marinara sauce (omg) with olives and ridiculously creamy mashed potatoes.

Fried Egg on anything is a friend of mine...

Fried Egg on anything is a friend of mine…

Calamari on Calamari... heavenly!

Calamari on Calamari… heavenly!

Last but not least, we picked the Arroz de Pato, the baked duck rice.  Wahhhhhh… way to ruin fried rice for me… forever.  I mean it’s just as good as you’d imagine.  Chunks of duck breast baked into perfectly cooked fried rice… topped with more duck.

Duck on duck?

Duck on duck?

My plate of EVERYTHING!  MMM!

My plate of EVERYTHING! MMM!

If this meal didn’t seem decadent enough, after a few bottles of wine we thought it was a great idea to really stuff ourselves and order dessert.  We picked the Coconut Tart w/ Chocolate Whipped Cream.  Dee-lish.

photo 4 (52)

Is your mouth watering?  Mine is!  Now accepting applications for another family to take me to this fabulous BYO restaurant… immediately. 

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