Cucina Zapata

It’s about time.  I finally live in the city… and I finally got to eat at a food truck!

The only problem is- I think I’m hooked!  If only I worked in Philly too… hmmmmm…

Anyway, the Food Truck I decided to try was Cucina Zapata in University City.  Cucina Zapata serves the most unbelievable tacos- Thai style.  Just look at their Twitter account profile… “Remember when you were like, Damn, I could go for some Thai food… a taco. Well, here it is. You’re welcome.”  That really explains what they’re all about!

photo 3 (67)

photo 2 (82)

I decided to try the daily Curry, which was Veggie Red Curry at the time.  I also wanted to try a taco, so I went with the Short Rib… really how could I pass that up?

Like, OMG this stuff is spectacular.  Check it out!

photo 4 (47)

photo 5 (39)

I could NOT believe how much food it was too.  The curry was so hearty and spicy and was served with a whole bunch of Jasmine Rice.  The taco was just pure heaven.  Stuffed with tender meat, fresh veggies like tomatoes, cabbage, and avocado… even just one would be enough for my entire lunch!  YUM!

I absolutely cannot wait to go back… I may have to drive all the way out to University City to try more Thai Tacos!

Follow them on Twitter to see what kind of specials they have everyday!  @Cucina_Zapata

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