Comfort Food Fest 2012, Revisited!

I wanted us to revisit last year’s Comfort Food Fest from Philly’s 102.9 John DeBella.
I think I’ll be going to this year’s Fest tomorrow!!!! Get psyched!!!

It's Good to be the Cook

This week, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Comfort Food Fest hosted by John DeBella (Philly radio personality).  Uh… yes.  Comfort Food Fest.  Can you think of anything that would be more perfect for a foodie and blogger like me?

The comfort food fest was started by a conversation had between John DeBella’s wife, and Chef Matt Levin (Square Peg).  She asked him what he makes at home, which inspired John to put together this event where the greatest and hottest Philly chefs create their take on comfort food.

My co-worker Matt invited myself, Dave, and his client Jeff to come with him to the 5th Annual event.  The Food Fest was held at Vie, a beautiful banquet hall onNorth Broad St inPhiladelphia.  I happened to get this wrong and drove us to SOUTH Broad- Whoops!  The setup was almost exactly like what I’d imagine the…

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