The Cambridge, Philadelphia

I think we’ve found our new favorite neighborhood spot.  Okay, so it’s not quite in our ‘hood but it’s close enough and I KNOW we’ll be there all the time.

After a great afternoon workout, Dave and I were not in the mood to go home and cook.  We decided to go out to dinner but were inspired to try something new.  I am even more excited about our discovery of The Cambridge on South Street because Dave picked it out… 🙂

First of all, the atmosphere was great.  Casual but comfortable with dark lighting, wood tables and a long bench going down the side of the restaurant.  There are also a few tables in the window looking out onto the street which are probably a great spot to people watch for brunch.  The service was also wonderful, with our waiter checking on us pretty often and other staff re-filling waters and clearing places when necessary.  HUGE plus.

One of the reasons I absolutely love this restaurant is the draft beer list.  It was so hard to pick with an entire menu page of current drafts on tap… but Dave and I decided to get two pretty interesting choices:  the Tres Blueberry Stout by Dark Horse Brewing Co. & 21st Amendment’s Sneak Attack.  I really enjoyed both!  The beer list also includes what’s coming up next to make you want more… what a smart move!

We ordered the Pierogie of the day which was a potato and caramelized onion base stuffed with Buffalo Chicken.  We obviously had to try it out once we heard about the buff chick.  The Pierogies were perfectly hot and crispy and were resting on a plank topped with hot sauce and blue cheese.  The filling was sooo tasty and it was fun to share and dip into the sauces.  We were left seriously wishing for more, since there were only three!

For our meal, both of us ordered the same thing:  The Porker Burger.  We RARELY ever order the same thing at a restaurant.  I typically convince Dave to do a splitsies with me so I can try more things.  LOL.  Well, once you hear what this burger involves, I think you’ll understand too.

The porker burger was super yummy… it is a 24-Hr Brined Hand Ground Pork burger with roasted Long Hot Peppers, Broccoli Rabe, & melty Sharp Prov.  What an awesome take on a Philly classic, right?  The roll was surprisingly the cherry ontop… covered in poppy seeds and so delicious!  The burger also came with their house cut fries which were on par with everything else… YUM!

I’m already trying to figure out the next time we can stop by for a delicious beer and to try out more food… their brunch menu sounds AMAZING!!  Who’s in?!

Crispy outside & soooo creamy inside!

Crispy outside & soooo creamy inside!

YUM!  Amazing flavor combination going on here... You've got the yummy pork, the spicy peppers, bitter broccoli rabe, and creamy prov.  All in one!

YUM! Amazing flavor combination going on here… You’ve got the yummy pork, the spicy peppers, bitter broccoli rabe, and creamy prov. All in one!

photo 3 (13)

Have you been to The Cambridge yet?  … or any of these other Philly spots??

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2 thoughts on “The Cambridge, Philadelphia

  1. everything you ordered looks amazing… but i swear, those pierogies look out of this world! I tried a pierogie with caramelized onions and sour cream this summer and I swear that combo is delish!

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