Cranberry Sauce (Donny Style)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s probably no surprise that this is one of my favorite holidays. I wanted to share one of the recipes Donny gave me during our Friendsgiving Celebration last week… it is the easiest recipe ever!  Seriously, anyone can do it.  This Cranberry Sauce tastes absolutely amazing and will beat the giggly stuff […]

Fruit & Smoothies

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Appetizers, Dips, Sides, & Snacks

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Multigrain Hot Cereal w/ Pomegranate & Crunch : BA Cleanse 2014

The POMEGRANATE holds a dear place in my heart.  In Judiasm, this seedy red fruit symbolizes fruitfulness and fertility.  It is a symbol and a fruit that was very prominent in our trip to Israel.  We came across many vendors selling cupfuls of fresh pom juice and enjoyed it throughout the trip.  I even purchased […]