Q&A About the Cook

Who are you?   My name is Beth, and I am 27 years old.  I currently live in a suburb outside Philadelphia, where I was also born & raised.


P1020143Did you go to college?  I graduated from Penn State University in 2008 with a degree in Communications (Film/Video).  Being a Penn State alum is something I’m most proud of, as most other PSU alum can relate to.  I am a fanatic PSU football fan and try to visit as often as possible.

What do you enjoy besides being the cook?  Aside from PSU football, I am also a Phillies fan.  Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, and have even obsessed over a few seasons of my own fantasy team in the past.  Having studied film & video in college, you’d be right to guess that I love movies!  You can call me grandma, but I’m happy to admit that I needlepoint.  It is a great way for me to be creative and also I find it very relaxing while I am watching one of my many TV shows.


P1010889Are you single?  Sorry boys!  I have a wonderful boyfriend I am ENGAGED to Dave!!!  We have been dating for over 5 years!  We grew up living 5 minutes away from each other and both went to Penn State, but somehow did not meet until after college.  Dave is my favorite go-to recipe taste-tester and is very supportive of my blog, although he is most excited to have more free time for the Flyers, Phillies, and of course any televised NFL or even College football game.



Our babies at the beach!

Do you have any pets?  I am 100% dog person.  My entire life can be categorized by which dog we currently owned at the time.  Sherlock, Watson, Hershey, Garcia, Roux… and now Sushi and the princess of them all, STELLA!  Sushi is my family dog, a 9 year-old German Shepherd mix.  Stella- or more properly “Stella-May”, sometimes Stelly-Bear, Mooshie, Pooper-Scooper, Pumpkin-Bread, Ruffer, Muffintop, etc, etc.  is a 5 year-old Bichon-Poodle mix.  She also happens to be my dog, and is the most adorable thing alive.  We also recently adopted the most handsome boy ever… his name is Snoop Dogg!  How cute?  Snoop is a 1 year-old Black Lab-Great Dane mix and is a huge goofball.  The dogs are both so sweet and silly and keep Dave and I busy and on our toes.  They’re the best.

How do you eat all this delicious food and not gain 100s of lbs?  Although I’m not currently at my desired weight, I try hard to eat well and exercise as much as I can.  About 4 years ago, I lost 12 lbs on Weight Watchers.  I lost a little more weight in the past year on my own and with the guidance of a dietitian (I highly recommend seeing one!)  In most of my everyday recipes, I replace as many items as possible with lower-fat / calorie substitutions.  I also think exercise is very important for anyone, but especially us foodies!  I try to go to the gym at least 3-4 times per week.  I love Kickboxing, Spinning and even Yoga!  For the past two years I have also taken up running which is still very hard for me, but I really enjoy it!

Can I re-post your recipes?  I would be honored if anyone would like to try and share my recipes.  Many of my recipes have been inspired by or modified from others, so please be respectful as I am and mention that the recipes are from Beth at It’s Good To Be The Cook, along with the link.  I would appreciate an email and also would enjoy seeing a link to your page!  Thank you 😉

How can I contact you?  Easy!  Choose one of the following ways:

Email:  itsgoodtobethecook@gmail.com

Twitter:  @Goodtobethecook

7 thoughts on “Q&A About the Cook

  1. Hi Beth! I know you are a subscriber to my blog and I didn’t have any other way to contact you but this!! I have migrated to a new email newsletter system and since you are signed up through WordPress (and we don’t have an email on file) you’ll no longer receive the DisplacedHousewife newsletter. If you’d like to continue receiving it (and I hope you do!), please go to DisplacedHousewife.com and click on the Newsletter link at the top of the page. I hope you’ll stay with us. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hi Beth! I found your blog via the GYB link up today and am loving some of your recipes! BTW, …WE ARE…. I’m originally from Lock Haven, PA. and while I didn’t go to Penn State, the PSU football was a huge part of my growing up. Heck, I was born during a game! LOL I look forward to looking forward to seeing what all yummy recipes I can find on here!!

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