Featured Recipes

Foodie Friends Friday

BBQ Deviled Eggs Host Favorite (Voted by 2 Hosts!) on Foodie Friends Friday Feb 25th, 2013

Sweet & Spicy Chili – top 20 Chili Recipes on Daily Dish Magazine

Secret Recipe Club

My recipes that have been re-created with the Secret Recipe Club:

February ’13: Creamy Tomato Balsamic Soup – made by Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings

March ’13:  Asian Spiced Sriracha Peanuts – made by Melissa @ A Fit & Spicy Life

April ’13:  Oatmeal Pancakes – made by PolaM @ An Italian Cooking in the Midwest

May ’13:  Tex-Mex Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – made by Anna @ BCMom’sKitchen

June ’13: Sriracha White Bean Dip – made by Jess @ Inquiring Chef

July ’13: Sriracha White Bean Dip (again!) – made by Amanda @ Dancing Veggies

Sept ’13: Peaches & Green Tropical Smoothie – made by Holly from Phemomenon

Nov ’13 Tropical Green Smoothie – made by Ewa from Delishhh

Feb ’14 Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies – made by Kate from Food Babbles

Recipes re-made or shout outs from around the Blogosphere:

3/22/13:  Asian Spiced Sriracha Peanuts – shout out on the National Peanut Board Blog

4/7/13:  Poached Eggs over Veggie Quinoa – shout out on Joysama Images

8/21/13:  ABC (Avocado, Bean, and Corn) Salsa – shout out on Carole’s Chatter

9/1/13:  Challah Bread Stuffing – featured on Red Tricycle 

9/12/13: Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala – shout out on Parent Life

10/3/13: Crabcake Mac & Cheese – shout out on Jezebel

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